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abbc | tête à tête (Wabana)
Aberdeen | Homesick And Happy To Be Here (Better Looking)
Ryan Adams | Heartbreaker (Cooking Vinyl/Bloodshot)
Aereogramme | A Story in White (Chemikal Underground)
The Afternoons | My Lost City (Dockrad)
Ai Phoenix | The Driver Is Dead (Racing Junior)
Ai Phoenix | The Driver Is Dead (Racing Junior)
Air Formation | Ends In Light (Drive-In)
The Aislers Set | The Last Match (Slumberland)
Alamo Race Track | Birds At Home (Excelsior)
The Album Leaf | One Day I'll Be On Time (Tiger Style)
Alias | Muted (Anticon)
Terry Allen | Amerasia (Sugar Hill)
John Almond | Under Your Door (2Jay)
l'altra | Music of a Sinking Occasion (Aesthetics)
The Aluminium Group | Happyness (Wishing Tree)
The Aluminium Group | Pelo (Hefty Records)
The American Analog Set | Know By Heart / Through The 90s (Tiger Style / Emperor Jones)
An American Starlet | Sweet Country Lullabies From... (
the and/ors | will self-destruct (Better Looking Records)
Antonia | Soundtrack To You (Startone)
The Apes | OddEyeSee (French Kiss)
Appendix Out | The Night is Advancing (Drag City)
Arab Strap | Mad For Sadness (Jetset/Go! Beat)
arco | Coming To Terms (Dreamy)
Arlo | Up High In The Night (Sub Pop)
Art of Fighting | The Very Strange Year (Half a Cow)
Ashley Park | The American Scene (Kindercore)
Aspects Of Physics | Systems Of Social Recalibration (Rocket Racer / Imputor)
Kristofer Aström & Hidden Truck | Northern Blues (Startracks/V2 Records)
At Swim Two Birds | Quigley's Point (Vespertine & Son)
Jon Auer/Ken Stringfellow | Private Sides (Arena Rock/Ryko)
Augie March | Sunset Studies (BMG Aus)
Avey Tare and Panda Bear | Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished (Animal)
Avey Tare and Panda Bear with Geologist | Danse Manatee (Catsup Plate)
Kevin Ayers | Joy of a Toy/Shooting at the Moon/Whatevershebringswesing/Bananamour (EMI)
Baby Lemonade | Exploring Music (Big Deal)
Marc Bacino | The Million Dollar Handshake (Parasol)
Mike Badger | Volume (Viper)
Ballboy | Club Anthems 2001 (SL Records)
The Band of Blacky Ranchette | Still Looking Good To Me (Thrill Jockey)
The Bangles | Doll Revolution (Liberty/EMI)
Bardo Pond | On The Ellipse (ATP)
Bobby Bare Jr. | Young Criminals' Starvation League (Bloodshot)
Tywanna Jo Baskette | Fancy Blue (Sweet Tea/Terminus)
Bauer | Can't Stop Singing (Partners in Crime)
The Be Good Tanyas | Blue Horse (Independent)
The Beach Boys | Endless Harmony (Capitol)
The Beach Boys | Hawthorne, CA (Capitol)
The Beach Boys | Sunflower/Surfs Up - So Tough/Holland - In Concert - 15 Big Ones/Love You - MIU/L.A. Light - Keeping The Summer Alive/The Beach Boys (EMI)
Beachbuggy | Killer B (Poptones)
Janet Bean And The Concertina Wire / Haley Bonar / Jennie Stearns | Dragging Wonder Lake / The Size of Planets / Sing Desire (Thrill Jockey / Chairkickers' Music / self-released)
Bear Vs Shark | Right now, you're in the best of hands. And if something isn't quite right, your doctor will know in a hurry (Equal Vision)
The Beauty Shop | Your Money Or Your Life (Parasol)
Beck | Mutations (Geffen)
Howie Beck | Hollow (Easy!Tiger)
Belle & Sebastian | Dear Catastrophe Waitress (Rough Trade)
The Bellyachers | Heavy In My Hands (Gut)
Ben & Jason | Hello (Go Beat)
Big Star / Rock City | The Big Star Story / s/t (Ryko / Lucky Seven)
Billy Mahonie / Glider | What Becomes Before / With Ocean Between (Southern / Where Are My Records)
Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire | The Swimming Hour (Rykodisc)
The Birdwatchers | Martian Beauty
Bitmap | Alpha Beta Gamma (Gentle Electric)
Frank Black And The Catholics | Black Letter Days & Devil's Workshop (both Cooking Vinyl)
Frank Black and the Catholics | Dog In The Sand (Cooking Vinyl)
The Black Heart Procession | 3 (Touch & Go)
The Black Heart Procession | Self-titled (Headhunter/Cargo US)
Black Lipstick | Converted Thieves (Peekaboo)
The Bloodthirsty Lovers | self-titled (French Kiss)
Bluebottle Kiss | Revenge Is Slow (Laughing Outlaw)
The Bluehearts / Clearlake | No More Long Goodbyes / Lido (Big Cactus / Dust Company / Domino)
BMX Bandits | Down At The Hop (Shoeshine)
Boa Morte | Soon It Will Come Time To Face The World Outside (Shoeshine)
Kip Boardman | Upon The Stars (Ridisculous)
Boedekka | Hapi Nightmares (Things to Come)
The Boggs | We Are The Boggs We Are (Arena Rock/Rykodisc)
Bonnie "Prince" Billy | I See A Darkness (Domino)
Bonnie Prince Billy | Ease Down The Road (Domino)
Aaron Booth | Transparent (Boonbox)
David Bowie | Bowie at the Beeb (EMI)
Boy Robot | Hamorizing Corporate Lifestyle (City Centre Offices)
Billy Bragg | Must I Paint You A Picture? (The Essential Billy Bragg) (Cooking Vinyl)
Cory Branan | The Hell You Say (Madjack)
Glenn Branca | The Ascension (Acute)
Françoiz Breut | Vingt à trente mille jours (Bella Union)
Bride Of No No | b.o.n.n. appetite! (Atavistic)
Bright Eyes | Letting Off The Happiness (Wichita)
Bright Eyes | Lifted or the Story is in the Soil Keep Your Ear to the Ground (Saddle Creek/ Wichita)
Brian | Bring Trouble (Setanta)
Broken Social Scene | You Forgot it in People (Arts & Crafts)
Graham Brown | Good 'n Broke (Stomp)
Brute | Co-Balt (Evangeline)
Shelby Bryant | Cloud-Wow Music (Smells Like Records)
The Buddy Revelles | American Matador (Motorcoat)
Buellton | Avenue of the Flags (FILMguerrero)
Buffalo Tom | Asides From... (Beggars Banquet)
Built To Spill | Keep It Like A Secret (City Slang)
Paul Burch & The WPA Ballclub | Blue Notes (Shoeshine Records)
Paul Burch | Last of my Kind (Spit and Polish)
Burning Brides | Fall Of The Plastic Empire (File 13)
The Busy Signals | Busy Beats (Sidewinder Sounds)
The Byrds / Curt Boettcher / Gary Usher | Preflyte / California: Passionfruit / Add Some Music To Your Day (Poptones)
Byrne | Slowly and Gloriously (Rocket Girl)
Cafeteria | Knee Deep (Backburner)
Calliope | (In)Organics (Thick Records)
Calliope | Braille (Thick)
Camera Obscura | Underachievers Please Try Harder (Elefant)
Troy Campbell | American Breakdown (Evangeline)
Campfire Songs | self-titled (Catsup Plate Records)
Cane141 | Garden Tiger Moth (Decor/Secret)
Laura Cantrell | Not The Tremblin' Kind (Spit & Polish)
Tommy Carns | Get Up and Fall Down (Inbetweens)
Michael Carpenter / Myracle Brah / The Shazam | Hopefulness / The Myracle Brah / Rev 9 (All Not Lame Recordings)
Caitlin Cary | Waltzie (Yep Roc Records)
Peter Case | Thank You, St. Jude (Prima)
The Cash Brothers | A Brand New Light (Zoe)
The Cash Brothers | Phonebooth Tornado (Four Chord)
Johnny Cash | American III - Solitary Man (American Recordings)
Cat Power | Moon Pix (Matador)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | No More Shall We Part (Mute)
Centro-Matic | All The Falsest Hearts Can Try (Munich)
Cerberus Shoal | Chaiming The Cobblestone (North East Indie)
Vic Chesnutt | Left to His Own Devices (SpinART)
Chicago Underground Duo | Synesthesia (Thrill Jockey)
Chuzzlewit | Secret Affinities (
Circle | Alotus (Klangbad)
Ckid / Gaston | Crashkid Went There / #1 (Becalmed Records)
Gene Clark | s/t aka White Light (Universal)
Clem Snide | Your Favorite Music (Cooking Vinyl)
Clem Snide | The Ghost Of Fashion (Cooking Vinyl/SpinArt)
Clouddead | Clouddead (Big Dada)
Club 8 | Spring Came, Rain Fell (STK)
Thad Cockrell | Stack Of Dreams (Miles Of Music)
Cody | Distance Learning (Shinkansen)
coldharbourstores / July Skies | More Than The Other / Dreaming of Spires (Rocket Girl)
Cole Marquis | Treasure Island Serenade (Devil In The Woods/ Amazing Grease)
Shawn Colvin | Whole New You (Columbia)
The Comas | A Def Needle In Tomorrow (Yep Roc Records)
Bobby Conn | The Golden Age (Thrill Jockey)
The Constantines | s/t (Three Gut Records)
Constantines | Shine A Light (Three Gut)
Corker/Conboy | In Light Of That Learnt Later (Vertical Form)
The Corn Sisters | The Other Women (Mint Records)
Cotton Mather | Kontiki (Rainbow Quartz)
Cowboy Junkies | Open (Cooking Vinyl/Latent)
Cracker | Countrysides (Cooking Vinyl)
Cracker / The Cracker Traveling Apothecary Show | Hello Cleveland! Live From the Metro / Flash Your Sirens (Cooking Vinyl / Pitch-A-Tent)
Catie Curtis | My Shirt Looks Good On You (Ryko)
The Czars | The Ugly People vs The Beautiful People (Bella Union)
Dakota Suite | Songs For a Barbed Wire Fence / Alone With Everybody (AMOS and Glitterhouse)
Damon and Naomi | With Ghost (Sub Pop)
Dance Disaster Movement | We Are From Nowhere (Dim Mak)
Danielson Famile | Fetch The Compass Kids (Secretly Canadian)
Diana Darby | Naked Time (Delmore)
Daryll-Ann | DA Live (Excelsior)
The Daytime Frequency | s/t (Independent)
The Dearhunters | Red Wine and Blue (Candle Records)
Death Cab for Cutie | The Photo Album (Barsuk)
Death Cab for Cutie | Transatlanticism (Barsuk/Fierce Panda)
Denvar | Denvar (MGM)
Destroyer | Streethawk: A Seduction (Misra)
Dieselhed | Elephant Rest Home (Bong Load)
Cara Dillon | Sweet Liberty (Rough Trade)
The Divine Comedy | Regeneration (Parlophone)
Do Make Say Think | Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn (Constellation)
Julie Doiron | Désormais (Jagjaguwar)
David Dondero | The Transient (Future Farmer)
Donna Regina | Late (Karaoke Kalk)
Florence Dore | Perfect City (Miss Ruby)
Johnny Dowd | Temporary Shelter (Munich / Glitterhouse)
Drag The River | Hobo's Demos (Upland Records)
Dub Tractor | More Or Less Mono (City Centre Offices)
Dufus | 1:3:1 (FaerAway Rekerds/Iron Man)
Baxter Dury | Len Parrot's Memorial Lift (Rough Trade)
Pip Dylan | Of All The Things I Can Eat (Fence)
East River Pipe | Shining Hours in a Can (Merge)
Eels | Oh What A Beautiful Morning (E-Works)
Mark Eitzel | The Invisible Man (Matador)
Mark Eitzel | The Ugly American (TongueMaster)
El Guapo / Edie Sedgewick | The Geography of Dissolution / First Reflections (Mud Memory / Mud Memory/Dischord)
Electralane | Rock it to the Moon (Let's Rock!)
Eleventh Dream Day | Prairie School Freakout (enhanced reissue) (Thrill Jockey)
Eleventh Dream Day | Stalled Parade (Thrill Jockey)
Hanin Elias | In Flames (DHR)
Matt Elliott | The Mess We Made (Domino)
Enon | Hocus Pocus (Touch and Go)
Esmerine | If Only A Sweet Surrender To The Nights To Come Be True (Resonant)
The Essex Green | The Long Goodbye (Merge/Track and Field)
The Exit | New Beat (Some Records)
Jason Falkner | Can You Still Feel? (Elektra)
Jason Falkner | Necessity: The 4-Track Years (SpinART)
Geoff Farina | Reverse Eclipse (Southern Records)
Jay Farrar | Sebastopol (Artemis)
The Fiery Furnaces | Gallowsbird's Bark (Rough Trade)
Finishing School | Destination Girl (Track and Field)
Tim Finn | Say It Is So (Periscope / Sonny's Pop Records)
Kyle Fischer | Open Ground (Polyvinyl)
Flake Music | When You Land Here, It's Time to Return (Omnibus Records)
Flaming Lips | Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (Warner Bros.)
Flare | Circa (Subliminal Violence)
The Flashing Lights / The John Doe Thing / The Minders | Where The Change Is / Freedom Is... / Down In Fall (All Spinart Records)
Flophouse Jr. | Woodland (Independent)
Fog | Ether Teeth (Ninja Tune)
Foghorn Stringband | Rattlesnake Tidal Wave (Siren Music Company)
Fonda 500 | Number 1 Hi-Fi Hair (Truck Records/The Village)
Fontanelle | Fontanelle (kranky)
Lou Ford | Alan Freed's Radio (Glitterhouse)
The Forresters | Skindeep (Tom Thumb)
FortDax | Folly (Tugboat)
Four Storeys | Betting On Now (Truck Records)
Four Tet | Rounds (Domino)
4tRECk | 4tRECk #4 (4tRECk)
Roddy Frame | Surf (Redemption)
Paula Frazer | A Place Where I Know (Fargo)
Nik Freitas | Here's Laughing at You (Future Farmer)
French Kicks | One Time Bells (Startime International)
French Kicks | One Time Bells (Cooking Vinyl)
Frisbie | The Subversive Sounds Of Love (Hear Diagonally Records)
Fruit Bats | Echolocation (Perishable)
Fuck | Insound Tour Support EP (Insound)
The Fucking Champs | Greatest Fucking Hits (Matador)
Robbie Fulks | 13 Hillbilly Giants (Boondoggle)
Robbie Fulks | Couples In Trouble (Boondoggle / Bloodshot)
Future Pilot AKA | Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea (Geographic)
Gordon Gano | Hitting The Ground (Cooking Vinyl)
Mary Gauthier | Drag Queens In Limousines (Munich Records)
Howe Gelb | Down Home 2000 (Ow Om)
Howe Gelb | Lull (Thrill Jockey)
Gersey | Hope Springs (Trifekta)
Giant Sand | Selections Circa 1990-2000 (Loose)
GIANTfingers | PetRock
Giardini di Mirò | Punk...not Diet! (Homesleep)
Girls Say Yes | To Boys Who Say No (The Paisley Pop Label)
The Go-Betweens | The Friends Of Rachel Worth (Circus Records)
Gogoairheart | ExitheUXA (GSL Records)
Golden | Golden Summer (Slowdime)
Golden Rough | This Sad Paradise (Candle Records)
The Good Life | Novena On A Nocturn (Better Looking)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci | How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart (Mantra)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci | Sleep/Holiday (Sanctuary)
Graham | Never, And Maybe Not Even Then (Dreamy)
Grand Drive | Road Music (Loose/Ryko)
Grand Drive | True Love and High Adventure (Loose)
The Dave Graney Show | Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Cooking Vinyl)
Granfaloon Bus | Exploded View (Boxkite/Glitterhouse)
Granfaloon Bus | Good Funeral Weather (Trocadero)
Granfaloon Bus | Lucky Curtains (Glitterhouse)
Fran Gray | Singular Intent (Heart Spring)
Great Lakes | Great Lakes (La Suprette)
Adam Green | Friends Of Mine (Rough Trade)
David Grubbs | The Spectrum Between (Drag City)
Guessmen | Animals In Suits (Guessmen)
The Guthries | Off Windmill (Brobdingnagian)
The Guthries | s/t (Circus 65)
Neil Michael Hagerty | s/t (Drag City)
Hamell On Trial | Tough Love (Righteous Babe)
The Handsome Family | Twilight (Loose)
Hang On The Box | For Every Punk Bitch & Arsehole (Arrivederci Baby!)
Darren Hanlon | Early Days (Candle)
John Wesley Harding | The Confessions of St. Ace (Mammoth)
John Wesley Harding | Trad Arr Jones (Zero Hour)
Sarah Harmer | You Were Here (Zoe)
Jesse Harris and The Ferdinandos | Crooked Lines (Bean)
Brady Harris | Lone Star (Lampshade)
The HaveNots | Bad Pennies (Circus 65)
Ninian Hawick | Steep Steps (Dreamy)
Gemma Hayes | Night On My Side (Source)
The Hazlewoods | Leavin' You For A Cowboy (Laughing Outlaw)
Headphone | Work in Progress 1998-200- (Ici d'ailleurs)
Hem | Rabbit Songs (Setanta)
Her Space Holiday | Manic Expressive (Wichita)
The Hidden Cameras | The Smell Of Our Own (Rough Trade)
The High Llamas | Lollo Rosso (Alpaca Park)
The High Strung | These Are Good Times (Tee Pee)
Matt Hill | My Dark Places EP (Independent)
HiM | Many in High Places Are Not Well (Bubblecore/Fat Cat)
James William Hindle | s/t (Badman)
James William Hindle | Prospect Park (Badman/Track and Field)
The Hired Guns | Between Here and the Night (Laughing Outlaw)
Robyn Hitchcock | Robyn Sings (Editions Paf!)
Doug Hoekstra | Around The Margins (Inbetweens/Postbus)
Doug Hoekstra | The Past Is Never Past (Inbetweens)
Doug Hoekstra | Waiting (Paste)
Kelly Hogan | Because It Feel Good (Bloodshot)
Kelly Hogan & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts | Beneath The Country Underdog (Bloodshot Records)
Holopaw | self-titled (Sub Pop)
Peggy Honeywell | Honey For Dinner (Agenda Music)
Hope Well | The Curved Glass (Cutty Shark)
Horse Stories | Travelling Mercies (For Troubled Paths / Loose)
Roland S. Howard | Teenage Snuff Film (Cooking Vinyl)
Howe | Confluence (Loose/Ow Om)
Hrududu Factory | Songs from the Burrow (Shmat)
Neilson Hubbard | Sing Into Me (Parasol)
David Hurn | He Was A Woman (Fire)
Husband | Rock And Pop (Gentle Electric)
I Am Robot And Proud | Grace Days (Catmobile)
I am Spartacus | Forward! (Gringo Records)
I Am The World | Out Of The Loop (Track And Field)
Immense | Hidden Between Sleeves (Fierce Panda)
The Impossible Shapes | Bless The Headless (Recordhead/Whiggs)
The Innocence Mission | Befriended (Badman)
Insomnis | Miscellaneous Recordings: Silent and Helpless/Pale (Blessed)
Internal/External | Insideout
ISAN | Clockwork Menagerie (Morr Music)
Jackpot | Weightless (Munich Records)
Jenifer Jackson | Birds (Parasol)
Bill Janovitz | Up Here (SpinArt)
January | I Heard Myself In You (Poptones)
The Jazz Cannon | Amateur Soul Surgery (Function 8)
Simon Jeffes | Piano Music (Zopf)
Jessamine | Don't Stay Too Long (Kranky)
The Jigsaw Seen | Songs Mama Used To Sing (Vibro-phonic)
The Jigsaw Seen | Zenith (Vibro-phonic)
The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up | It's Winter Here (Absolutely Kosher)
Joan of Arc | How Can Anything So Little Be Any More? (Jade Tree)
Joeyfat | The House Of The Fat (Unlabel)
Johan | Pergola (Excelsior)
Even Johansen | Quiet and Still
Jet Johnson | Micropolitan (Seriously Groovy)
Joie / Dead Blonde Girlfriend | Pretty As A Picture (Inside Out)
Michael de Jong | Park Bench Serenade (Munich Records)
Julie's Haircut | Adult Situations (Homesleep)
June Panic | Baby's Breadth (Secretly Canadian)
Damien Jurado | Ghost Of David (Sub Pop)
Damien Jurado | Rehearsals For Departure (Sub Pop / Ryko)
Karate | Some Boots (Southern)
Karate | The Bed Is In The Ocean (Southern)
Karate | Unsolved (Southern)
Matt Keating | Tiltawhirl (Poptones)
King Creosote | Kenny And Beth's Musakal Boatride (Fence)
Kings of Convenience | Versus (Source)
Kings of Convenience | Quiet is the New Loud (Source)
Kinski | Be Gentle With The Warm Turtle (Sur La Plage)
Kitchens & Bathrooms | Vehicles Beyond (Sonic Unyon)
David Kitt | Small Moments (Rough Trade)
David Kitt | The Big Romance (Blanco y Negro)
Klangstorm | 2HITEK4LOTEK (At AnyTime)
Klangstorm | The Last Resort (AtAnyTime)
Caleb Klauder | Sings Out (Padré)
Kleenexgirlwonder | After Mathematics (March)
Kleper | Fuck Fight Fail (Resonant)
Knife in the Water | Red River (Glitterhouse)
Knotworking | The Garden Below (One Mad Son)
Komëit | Falling Into Place (Monika)
Konkrete Kantikle | Konkrete Kantikle (Ventricle)
Mark Kozelek | What's Next To The Moon (Badman)
Pete Krebs / Danny Barnes | Duet For Clarinet And Goat (Cavity Search)
Pete Krebs & The Gossamer Wings | Sweet Ona Rose (Cavity Search)
Ed Kuepper / Raoul Graf | Smile...Pacific / Splinters (Hot)
The Ladybug Transistor | Argyle Heir (Merge/Pointy)
The Ladybug Transistor | s/t (Merge/Track and Field)
Kirk Lake | Kirk Lake (Dreamy)
Jetplane Landing | Zero for Conduct (Smalltown America)
Mark Lanegan | Field Songs (Sub Pop/Beggars Banquet)
Gerard Langley | LIT (Europa/Art Star)
The Lapse | Betrayal! (Gern Blandsten)
Steve Lawrenson | s/t (self-released)
Lenola | Treat Me To Some Life (File 13)
Mike Levy | Fireflies (Parasol/Bus Stop)
Jeffrey Lewis | It's The Ones Who've Cracked That The Light Shines Through (Rough Trade)
The Life And Times | The Flat End of the Earth (54º40' or Fight!)
Life Without Buildings | Any Other City (Tugboat)
Lift To Experience | The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads (Bella Union)
Arto Lindsay | Invoke (Righteous Babe)
Little Champions | Transactions + Replications (Barsuk)
Local Rabbits | This Is It Here We Go (Brobdingnagian)
Logh | Every Time A Bell Rings, An Angel Gets His Wings (Must Destroy)
Lonesome Brothers | Swamptown Girl (Captivating Music)
The Lonesome Organist | Forms And Follies (Thrill Jockey)
The Long Weekend | Feel The Way (Laughing Outlaw)
The Long Winters | When I Pretend To Fall (Barsuk/Munich)
Looper | Up A Tree (Jeepster)
Love | Out There (Big Beat)
Low | Things We Lost in The Fire (Tugboat)
Lower Forty-Eight | Skin Failure (Monotreme)
Lowgold | Just Backward Of Square (Nude)
Lowlights | self-titled (Darla)
LU | LU (pulCec)
Mark Lucas / Jack Nolan / Sofa Mecca | The Ghost of Lost Creek Road / Dreams of Flying / s/t (Laughing Outlaw)
The Lucksmiths | Naturaliste (Fortuna Pop!)
The Lucksmiths | Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (Candle)
The Corb Lund Band | Five Dollar Bill (Loose)
Lungfish | Love Is Love (Dischord)
Lupine Howl | The Carnivorous Nocturnal Adventures Of... (Beggars Banquet)
Justin Lute | Adventures Of Lori Lou (Self-Released / Miles Of Music)
Shannon Lyon | Summer Blonde (Square Dog/Town & Country)
M83 | Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (Goom/Labels)
Machine Translations | Holiday in Spain (Way Over There)
Bryan Maclean / Chad and Jeremy | Candys Waltz / Distant Shores (both Sundazed)
Maggi, Pierce and E.J | For (Blue) (EMP)
Magic Car | Yellow Main Sequence (Tiny Dog)
Major Organ | Major Organ and the Adding Machine (Orange Twin Records)
Stephen Malkmus | Stephen Malkmus (Domino)
Maquiladora | What The Day Was Dreaming (Darla)
Marah | Kids In Philly (E-Squared)
Marmoset | Record in Red (Secretly Canadian)
Matt Marque | Get There (Truckstop / Atavistic)
Marshmallow | s/t (Lo-Max)
Marshmallow Coast | Marshmallow Coasting (Kindercore / La Suprette)
Ray Mason Band | When the Clown's Work is Over (Captivating Music)
The Mass | City Of Dis (Monotreme)
Dan Matz | Carry Me Over (Amish)
Mavis | The Mavis Crisis (On The Door)
Maria McKee | High Dive (Viewfinder)
Christy McWilson | The Lucky One (Hightone Records)
The Mendoza Line | Lost in Revelry (Cooking Vinyl)
The Mercury Program | All The Suits Began To Fall Off (Tiger Style)
The Microphones | It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water (K)
Migala | Restos De Un Incendio (Acuarela)
Scott Miller and the Commonwealth | Upside Downside (Sugar Hill)
The Minders | Golden Street (spinART)
The Minders | Hooray for Tuesday (Elephant Six / SpinART)
The Minders | The Future's Always Perfect (Future Farmer)
Minibar | Road Movies (Cherry Entertainment / Universal)
Mink Lungs | The Better Button (Arena Rock/Rykodisc)
Minor Majority | If I Told You, You Were Beautiful (Big Dipper)
Minotaur Shock | Rinse (Melodic)
The Mockers | Living In the Holland Tunnel (One Eye Open)
Mold | Hello Foreign Country (MTG)
The Moldy Peaches | s/t (Rough Trade)
Mono | One More Step And You Die (Rykodisc)
The Mooney Suzuki | Electric Sweat (Columbia)
The Moore Brothers | Colossal Small (Multiball/Amazing Grease)
Mos Eisley | The Get-Up Set (Beautiful Pigeon)
Moth Wranglers | Never Mind the Context (Magnetic)
The Mother Hips | Green Hills of Earth (Future Farmer)
The Mountain Goats | The Coroner's Gambit (Absolutely Kosher Records)
Mudhoney | Since We've Become Translucent (Sub Pop)
Murry The Hump | Songs Of Ignorance (Too Pure)
Mus | Aida/ Bliss Out v.17 (Darla)
Mus | El Naval (Acuarela)
Muzzlewhite | Our Caravan (Big Dipper)
My Friend the Chocolate Cake | Curious (Blunt/EMI)
My Morning Jacket | At Dawn (Darla)
The Myrtles | Nowhere To Be Found (C Student)
Nina Nastasia | Dogs (Socialist)
The National | Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers (Talitres)
The National Trust | Dekkagar (Thrill Jockey)
The Naysayer | Deathwhisker (Carrot Top Records)
Need New Body | s/t (Pickled Egg)
Need New Body | UFO (Pickled Egg)
Neu! | NEU! / NEU! 2 / NEU! 75
The New | Supersexe (The New)
The New Pornographers | Mass Romantic (Mint Records)
The New Year | Newness Ends (Touch & Go)
Noah John | Had A Burning (Loose)
Stina Nordenstam | People Are Strange (eastwest)
Norfolk & Western | Centralia (FILMguerrero)
Northern State | Dying In Stereo (Wichita)
Northern Alliance | Hope In Little Things (45B)
Heather Nova | Storm (Pinnacle)
Jim O'Rourke | Eureka (Domino)
Oceansize | Effloresce (Beggars Banquet)
Oddfellows Casino | Yellow Bellied Wonderland (Pickled Egg)
Of Arrowe Hill | The Spring Heel Penny Dreadful (Must Destroy)
Of Montreal | Aldhils Arboretum (Track and Field)
Oh Susanna | Johnstown, Pa (Stella)
Oh Susanna | Sleepy Little Sailor (Hot)
Okkervil River | Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See (Jagjaguwar)
Okkervil River | Down The River Of Golden Dreams (Jagjaguar)
Old 97s | Satellite Rides (Elektra)
Old Time Relijun | Witchcraft Rebellion (K)
The Olivia Tremor Control | Black Foliage. Animation Music. Volume One (Flydaddy)
Oneida | Anthem of the Moon (Jagjaguwar)
Tara Jane ONeil | In the Sun Lines (Touch & Go)
Opiate | Sometimes (Morr)
Optiganally Yours | Exclusively Talentmaker (Absolutely Kosher)
The Orange Humble Band | Humblin' (Across America / Half A Cow)
Oranger | The Quiet Vibration Land (Poptones)
The Orgone Box | The Orgone Box (Minus Zero)
James Orr Complex | Chori's Bundle (Rock Action)
Orso | Long Time By (Perishable)
Dean Owens | The Droma Tapes (Droma)
Owls | Owls (Jade Tree)
Tim Oxley | Its All About Love (Candle)
P. Hux | Purgatory Falls (NineEighteen)
Parallax Project | Oblivious (Tallboy)
Patrick Park | Loneliness Knows My Name (Hollywood)
Patrick Park | Under the Unminding Skies (Badman)
Jeff Parker | Like-Coping (Delmark)
Charlie Parr | Criminals & Sinners (Misplaced Music)
Ral Partha Vogelbacher | The More Nice Fey Elven Gnomes are Hiding in my Toilet Again (Megalon)
Pele / Paris, Texas | The Nudes / Brazilliant! (Polyvinyl)
Pernice Brothers | The World Won't End (Southpaw/Ashmont)
Andrea Perry | Saturday Morning Sweet Shoppe (Trust Issue)
Liz Phair | Whitechocolatespaceegg (Matador)
Keiron Phelan & David Sheppard | O, Little Stars (Rocket Girl)
Patrick Phelan | Songs Of Patrick Phelan (Jagjaguwar)
Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio | Blackbird (12XU)
Joel RL Phelps ~ The Downer Trio | Inland Empires (12XU)
Joel RL Phelps | The Downer Trio | 3 (Pacifico)
Grant-Lee Phillips | Mobilize (Zoe)
John Phillips | Pay, Pack and Follow (Eagle)
Polly Phillips | No Relation (Koala Music)
Jodi Phillis | In Dreams I Live (Candle)
Pia Fraus | In Solarium (Clair)
Piano Magic | Seasonally Affective (Rocket Girl)
Piano Magic | Son De Mar (4AD)
The Pictish Trail | self-titled (Fence)
The Pilot Ships | The Limits Of Painting And Poetry (Blue Sanct)
Pinback | Blue Screen Life (Cutty Shark)
Pink and Brown | Shame Fantasy II (Load)
The Pins | All the Night Sky (Stick it to the Man)
Pixies | Pixies (Cooking Vinyl)
Pizzicato 5 | Playboys & Playgirls (Matador)
The Planet The | Physical Angel (54°40' or Fight!)
Plastic Nebraska | Stories Of Happiness (I-Town)
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box / PATE | Fakevox / Mo'Psycho (Sur La Plage)
Plush | Fed (After Hours)
Matt Pond PA | The Nature of Maps (Polyvinyl)
Poor Rich Ones | Joe Maynard's Favourites (Rec 90)
The Posies | In Case You Didn't Feel Like Plugging In (Casa)
The Post | Hasten The Homecoming (Jalisco)
The Postal Service | Give Up (Sub Pop)
Doug Powell | The Lost Cause (Parasol)
Adam Power | More Juice (Laughing Outlaw)
Sam Prekop | s/t (Thrill Jockey)
Pretty Girls Make Graves | The New Romance (Matador)
Archer Prewitt | Gerroa Songs (Carrot Top)
Archer Prewitt | Three (Thrill Jockey)
Professor and MaryAnn | s/t (Bar/None)
The Prom | Under The Same Stars (Barsuk)
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express | Turn the Pigeons Loose (live in San Francisco 2000) (Cooking Vinyl)
Pseudosix | Days of Delay (54º40' or Fight!)
Puerto Muerto | ...Your Bloated Corpse Has Washed Ashore (Fire)
Quintron | Are You Ready For An Organ Solo? (Three One G/Rhinestone)
Rachel's | Systems/Layers (Quarterstick)
The Radio Sweethearts | Lonesome Blue (Spit & Polish)
Ral Partha Vogelbacher | Kite Vs Obelisk (Monotreme)
Rameses III | Folk Hyms (Firefly)
Random Number | Towards The Forlorn Society (Catmobile)
Rapider Than Horsepower | Stage Fright, Stage Fright (Essay)
Re: | mnant (Constellation)
(The Real) Tuesday Weld | When Cupid Meets Psyche (Dreamy)
Red House Painters | Old Ramon (Sub Pop)
Relaxed Muscle | A Heavy Night With... (Rough Trade)
Retsin | Sweet Luck of Amaryllis (Carrot Top)
Reuben's Accomplice | I Blame the Scenery (Better Looking)
Lisa Richards | Not Quite So Low (Laughing Outlaw)
Miranda Lee Richards | The Herethereafter (Virgin America)
Richmond Fontaine | Winnemucca (El Cortez)
Riddle of Steel | Python (Ascetic)
Amy Rigby | Til the Wheels Fall Off (Spit & Polish)
Alasdair Roberts | The Crook of My Arm (Secretly Canadian)
Alasdair Roberts | Farewell Sorrow (Rough Trade)
Rock Out | Sound Check (Ideal)
The Rocking Horse Winner | State of Feeling Concentration (Ohev)
Rodeo Boy | The Pine and Promise (Sit-n-Spin)
Rogue Wave | Out of the Shadow (Responsive)
Rollerball | Real Hair (Silber)
Rollerball | Trail of the Butter Yeti (Road Cone)
Josh Rouse | 1972 (Ryko)
Royal City | Alone At The Microphone (Three Gut Records)
Royal City | Alone At The Microphone (Rough Trade)
The Sadies | Tremendous Efforts (Bloodshot Records)
St. Thomas | Hey, Harmony (City Slang)
St Thomas | I'm Coming Home (Racing Junior)
Saloon | If We Meet In The Future (Track and Field)
Salvatore / Salvatore / Portrait of David | Clingfilm / Fresh / These Days Are Hard To Ignore (Racing Junior)
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions | Bavarian Fruit Bread (Rough Trade)
David Sandström | Om Det Inte Händar NÃ¥t Innan Imorgon SÃ¥ Kommer Jag (Demon Box)
Santa Sprees | Keep Still (Dreamy)
Sciflyer | Fair Weather Karma (Claire)
Scott 4 and Magic Car | European Punks LP (Tiny Dog)
Sebadoh | The Sebadoh (Domino)
Mike Seed | Rookwood Dream (Independent)
Set Fire To Flames | Telegraphs In Negative / Mouths Trapped In Static (130701)
Mia Sheard | Reptilian (Perimeter Entertainment Group)
The Shins | Oh, Inverted World (Sub Pop)
Shivaree | Rough Dreams (Capitol)
Sierpinski | This Geography Of Ours (Jonathon Whiskey)
Sigmatropic | Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories (Tongue Master)
The Signal Hill Transmission | Home (P.A. Juice)
Signalmen | Falsetto Teeth (Parasol)
Silverman | Speed of Life Part Two (Uglyman)
Simply Saucer | Cyborgs Revisited (Sonic Unyon)
Sir | The Night I Met My Second Wife (Pehr)
Sister Sonny | The Bandit Lab (Rec 90)
Sixteen Horsepower | Folklore (Glitterhouse)
Sk/Um | I Pagu Fallsins (Resonant)
Skeleton Key |  (Ipecac)
Sky Destroys Dog | Secret Songs (self-released)
Sleater-Kinney | One Beat (Kill Rock Stars)
Sleater-Kinney | The Hot Rock (Matador)
Sloan | Action Pact (Vik Recordings/BMG)
Sloan | Pretty Together (Murderecords/Poptones)
Aidan Smith | At Home With (Twisted Nerve)
Erica Smith | Friend or Foe (Listen Here!)
Smog | Knock Knock (Domino)
Sneeze | Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll (Half A Cow)
Sodastream | A Minor Revival (Lo-Max)
Sodastream | The Hill For Company (Tugboat)
The Soft Boys | Nextdoorland (Matador)
The Soft Boys | Underwater Moonlight / ...And How It Got There (Matador)
Solex | Low Kick and Hard Bop (Matador)
Songdog | Haiku (Evangeline)
Songs of Soil | The Painted Trees Of Ghostwood (Startracks)
Songs: Ohia | Ghost Tropic (Secretly Canadian)
Sparklehorse | It's A Wonderful Life (Capitol)
Sparkwood | The La La Crutch (1101 Music)
Sparrow Orange | Hands And Knees Music (Noise Factory)
Splitsville | The Complete Pet Soul (Airmail Recordings)
Spokane | Measurement (Jagjaguwar)
Spokane | The Proud Graduates (Jagjaguwar)
Spoon | Girls Can Tell (Merge/12XU)
Spoon | Kill the Moonlight (12XU)
Tobin Sprout | Lost Planets & Phantom Voices (Recordhead)
Stafrann Hakon | Skvettir Edik A Ref (Resonant)
Star City | Inside The Other Days (Star City)
Starlight Mints | Built On Squares (PIAS America)
Stereolab | Instant O In The Universe (Duophonic/Elektra)
Stereolab | Sound Dust (Duophonic)
Stew | s/t (The Telegraph Company)
John P. Strohm | Vestavia (Flat Earth)
Styrofoam | I'm What's There To Show That Something's Missing (Morr)
Subset | Duelling Devotions (Tight Spot)
Summer Hymns / Bablicon | A Celebratory Arm Gesture / The Cat That Was A Dog (Misra)
Summer Hymns | Clemency (Misra)
Sunny Day Real Estate | How It Feels To Be Something On (Sub Pop)
The Sunshine Club | Visit to a Small Planet (Glitterhouse)
Superchunk | Here's to Shutting Up (Matador)
Swag | Catch-All (Yep Roc Records)
Swell | Bastards & Rarities 1989-1994 (Badman)
Swell | Everybody Wants To Know (Beggars Banquet)
Swell | Whenever You're Ready (Beggars Banquet)
Jesse Sykes and The Sweet Hereafter | Reckless Burning (Burn Burn Burn)
The Tables | Nevermynd The Hillocks (Treble Without A Cause) (Perfect Pop)
Tandy | The Bloodroot Transcriptions (Yellow Slipper)
Tarentel | Ephemera: Singles 1999 â?? 2000 (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
The Telepathic Butterflies | Nine Songs (Rainbow Quartz)
The Telepathic Butterflies | Introducing The Telepathic Butterflies (Rainbow Quartz)
The Telescopes | Third Wave (Double Agent)
Ten Grand | This is the Way to Rule (Southern)
Tender Trap / The Butterflies of Love | Film Molecules / The New Patient (Fortuna Pop)
That Petrol Emotion | Live
31Knots | It Was High Time To Escape (54º40' or Fight!)
Rosie Thomas | Only With Laughter Can You Win (Sub Pop)
310 | Recessional (Leaf)
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror | Don't Breathe A Word (Blanco y Negro)
Tiltmaster | Swan Girth (Blue Sanct)
Tindersticks | Can Our Love... (Beggars Banquet)
Tortoise | Standards (Warp)
Toshack Highway/Sianspheric | Magnetic Morning/Aspirin Age (Sonic Unyon)
Tractor Kings | Sunday Night (Mud / Parasol)
Tram | Frequently Asked Questions (Setanta)
Tram | Heavy Black Frame (Piao!)
Caroline Trettine | Ten Light Years (Evensong)
Tricky Woo | Les Sables Magiques (Sonic Unyon)
Owen Tromans | From a Lost Library (Sacred Geometry)
The Trouble with Sweeney | I Know You Destroy (Burnt Toast Vinyl)
Steve Turner | Searching for Melody (Loose)
The Twin Atlas | Bring Along The Weather (Tappersize)
Twin Princess | The Complete Recordings (Hidden Agenda)
The Tyde | Once (Orange Sky/Track and Field)
Ugly Casanova | Sharpen Your Teeth (Sub Pop)
The Unmist | Ryne Speaks (Bubblesound)
Unwed Sailor | The Marionette and the Music Box (Burnt Toast Vinyl)
Utah Carol | Comfort for the Traveler (Utah Carol)
John Vanderslice | Life and Death of an American Fourtracker (Barsuk)
The Vanity Set | The Vanity Set (Soul Sister)
Various Artists / Acid Mothers Temple Family | A Charabang Trip to the Lights...The Final Earworm Singles / Do Whatever You Want, Don't Do Whatever You Don't Want! (Earworm)
Various Artists | A Wish On A Star (Dreamy)
Various Artists | Art School Dancing (Harvest/EMI)
Various Artists | Badlands: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska (Sub Pop)
Various Artists | Balling the Jack (Ocho)
Various Artists | Beyond Nashville (Manteca)
Various Artists | Caroline Now! The songs of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys (Marina)
Various Artists | Chartbusters USA Vols. 1, 2 & 3 (Ace)
Various Artists | Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel (Off)
Various Artists | Come On Beautiful - The Songs of American Music Club (Big Night)
Various Artists | Death Before Disco (Princehouse)
Various Artists | Distraction Records Sampler (Distraction)
Various Artists | Dreams Are Free (With Purchase) (Dark Beloved Cloud)
Various Artists | Guess Who This Is: Tribute to Dom Leone (Two-Ton Santa)
Various Artists | I'm In Love ...With That Song:23 Australian bands pay tribute to the genius of the Replacements (Antfarm)
Various Artists | Little Pieces Of Sky (Satellites And Clouds)
Various Artists | More Tell-Tale Signs of Earworm (Earworm)
Various Artists | New Sounds of the Old West Volume Three (Loose)
Various Artists | Pow! to the People (Track and Field)
Various Artists | Public Service Broadcast #1 (Smalltown America)
Various Artists | Rough Trade Shops: Country (Mute)
Various Artists | Saddle Creek 50 (Saddle Creek)
Various Artists | Shanti Project Collection 2 (Badman)
Various Artists | Shoe Fetish: A Tribute To Shoes (Parasol)
Various Artists | Showdown (independent)
Various Artists | Sing a Song For You - Tribute to Tim Buckley (Manifesto)
Various Artists | Songs For A Crimson Egg Tree (Earworm)
Various Artists | Songs For The Blue Times (A Suicidal Pop Collection / Autoreverse)
Various Artists | Sunset:False (Slow Noir)
Various Artists | Tales From The Australian Underground: Singles 1976-1989 (Feel Presents)
Various Artists | The 2 Minute Men 2 (Jonson Family)
Various Artists | The Soul Moves At Walking Pace (Evensong)
Various Artists | The Unaccompanied Voice -An A Cappella Compilation (Secretly Canadian)
Various Artists | This Changes Everything/Second Nature Sampler (Second Nature)
Various Artists | We Thank You (Kindercore)
Various Artists | Will Our Children Thank Us (Foundry)
Laura Veirs | Troubled By The Fire (Bella Union)
Velvet Crush | In The Presence of Greatness / A Single Odessey (Action Musik)
Venus Ray | Chuck Berry vs IBM (Negative)
Vera Clouzot / Doug Hoekstra Combo / Melmac / Magic 12 / Empty House Cooperative (hinah)
View | All Love Is Lost Forever (Tatra)
John Von Ryan | Organs Vs. Furniture (Load)
Chris von Sneidern | 2-cute 2-be 4-gotten (
Vue | Find Your Home (Sub Pop)
Tom Waits | Mule Variations (Epitaph)
The Wake Ups | Wanna Meet...The Wake Ups? (Laughing Outlaw)
The Walkabouts | Ended Up A Stranger (Glitterhouse)
Jason Walker and The Last Drinks | Ashes & Wine (Laughing Outlaw)
Kate Walsh | Clocktower Park (Kitchenware)
The Wannadies | Before & After (Cooking Vinyl)
M Ward | Duet for Guitar #2 (Ow Om/62TV/Les Disqus Manges Tout)
M Ward | End Of Amnesia (Loose)
Steve Ward | Opening Night (Lucky)
Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips | L'Avventura (Jetset)
Warm Wires | Kindness (Two Ton Santa)
Waterworks | Dragonfly (no label)
The Waves | Flame A Little Brighter (March / Grimsey)
The Waybacks | Burger After Church (Fiddling Cricket)
The Webb Brothers | Beyond The Biosphere
Weed Patch | Maybe the Brakes Will Fail (Ohgrowupalready)
Greg Weeks | Awake Like Sleep (Ba Da Bing!)
Greg Weeks | Bleecker Station
Weird War / King Kong | s/t / The Big Bang (Domino / Drag City)
Chuck E. Weiss | Extremely Cool (Ryko)
Chuck E. Weiss | Old Souls & Wolf Tickets (Ryko / Slow River)
Michael Weston King | A Decent Man (Evangeline)
Jim White | No Such Place (Luaka Bop)
William Elliott Whitmore | Hymns For The Hopeless (Southern)
Wilco | Summer Teeth (Reprise)
Wilco | Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (label TBC)
Willard Grant Conspiracy | Everything's Fine (Slow River / Ryko)
Willard Grant Conspiracy | Regard the End (Loose)
William Hut | Road Star Doolittle (Rec 90)
Hank Williams / Bill Monroe | Come September / Gotta Travel On (MCA)
Kelly Willis | What I Deserve (Ryko)
Windsor For The Derby | The Emotional Rescue LP (Aesthetics)
The Wisdom of Harry | Torch Division (Matador/Faux-Lux)
The Wondermints | Bali (Neosight)
Hawksley Workman | (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves (Universal)
Hawksley Workman | For Him and the Girls (Loose)
Shannon Wright | Dyed In The Wool (Quarterstick)
Wussom*Pow! | Deep Blue Hearts and Solid Hands (Omnibus Records)
Steve Wynn | Emusic Singles Collection
XTC | Apple Venus (Cooking Vinyl)
Yardsale | Sweet Pea (Grin Like A Dog)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Fever To Tell (Polydor/Dress Up)
Yo La Tengo | Today Is The Day (Matador)
Susumu Yokota | Laputa (Skintone)
You Am I | The Cream & The Crock (BMG Australia)
The Young Fresh Fellows / The Minus 5 | Because We Hate You / Let The War Against Music Begin (Mammoth)
Steve Young | Primal Young (Spit & Polish)
Yume Bitsu | Auspicious Winds (K)
Ze Malibu Kids | Sound It Out (Houston Party)
Zero Zero | AM Gold (Jade Tree)
Zita Swoon | I Paint Pictures on a Wedding Dress (Warner Benelux)
The Zombies | New World (Big Beat)