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Marshmallow Coast | Marshmallow Coasting (Kindercore / La Suprette)
Here is another cousin of the Elephant 6 Collective. Andy Gonzales (Of Montreal) with assistance from the gang Derek, Kevin, Dottie and Jamey, and various other Elephant 6 alumni have hit the nail on it's quirky head with this third release in so long as a year for Kindercore. Starting off with a bit of XTC style melodies and tunes that will pass through your head long after the record is over Marshmallow Coasting is a Sunny Sunday Afternoon record for all your rainy days. The Bizzare Classical theme from Andy's first two records (check out is back with versions V and VI. It's a kind of collect them all sort of thing. And I recommend that you do. They aren't so much Classical pieces as they are Bizarre - which is I guess where the quirkiness comes from. Overall this is a very interesting album - interesting sounds, interesting arrangements, less like the retro-pop you'd expect coming from the E6 clan - yet totally catchy and quite haunting in places. Of course there are some dead give-aways - the sound recording for instance. But isn't that what the E6 inspire - home made music that sounds damn good in your home.

Tracy Lee Jackson
CWAS #6 - Autumn 2000