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Mos Eisley | The Get-Up Set (Beautiful Pigeon)
Three young lads from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Mos Eisley have been chiefly noticeable to this point for not having one vocalist but two (simultaneously), and for their jet-propelled live cover of Bruce Springsteen's I'm On Fire (unfortunately not included here). Mos Eisley's arsenal basically consists of concise, three-minute slabs of spiky guitar pop, like the finest moments of Ash in smart overdrive. Their beauty lies in their lack of pretension and in their simplicity.
Hanging the harmonies of Teenage Fanclub on laughing gas to naggingly incessant hooks, it's all so blatant, yet so enthralling, so irresistible. Songs like Nice Shooting Tex and Its Them...Blast Em even recall vintage Wedding Present, but with all lovelorn concerns kicked firmly into touch. So far they've been lucky, but with their star in the ascendance, how long before George Lucas comes knocking? Even in the director's cut, Mos Eisley has never been so enticing.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003