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The Minders | Hooray for Tuesday (Elephant Six / SpinART)
A beautiful, nostalgic trip back in time that many a current plagiarist could learn from, Hooray for Tuesday is a perfect Sunday morning pick-me-up that sounds equally cool on speaker-shaking Saturdays. Apples in Stereo guru Robert Schneider at the production helm, Martyn Leaper's songs transcend copyist notions of Beatles-esque in favour of an authentic flavour that falls between the happy-go-lucky innocence of '62 and Teenage Fanclub's Byrdsian update. With affectionate nods to The Small Faces and The Hollies, we'll assume it's Schneider's Wilsonian production and recording expertise that sweeten the Brit grit with some California sunshine. The result is breezy, shimmering, pretention-free and smooth-as-you-like. Why have Cotton when you can have silk?

Matt Dornan
CWAS #4 - Winter 1998/9 - The Lost Issue