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Enon | Hocus Pocus (Touch and Go)
If Enon weren't renowned for their incredible productiveness, you'd be forgiven for thinking that their latest LP, appearing so soon after the excellent 'High Society', would struggle to match its predecessor. Thing is though, as normal a thought as that is, Enon are a far from normal band ‚?? they don't only produce a lot of material; a lot of it's damn good too. The trio eschew the traditional three-piece bass-guitar-drums formula for something considerably more 'bootylicious'. Indeed, there are a number of floor-fillers to rival anything from Beyonc√© and co to be found on the appropriately magical 'Hocus Pocus' ‚?? The Power of Yawning and Moonsoon being the most immediate toe-tappers. Murder Sounds meanwhile is as gleefully menacing as its title suggests, with John Schmersal offering a little commentary on films like Scream and its ilk ‚?? "She said, 'Please stay close, I'm gonna be right back'.". Obviously she's never coming back (they'll find her hanging from the garage door in ten minutes or so), but it's a pleasure to have Enon back with us, and on such delectably devilish form. Other bands take note ‚?? this is a band for whom productivity needn't necessarily compromise quality. Amen to that.

Mike Diver
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003