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David Kitt | The Big Romance (Blanco y Negro)
Small Moments, the first mini album from Irish based singer songwriter David Kitt was one of 2000s finest releases - all hushed vocals, delicate guitar and minimal beats. The Big Romance, Kitt's major label debut, is almost as good. Though initially the sometimes squeaky clean production and over zealous drum loops seemed to detract from the songs, after repeated listens the album's 10 tracks begin to work their way under the skin. The opener, and first single off the album, Song from Hope Street is one of the best pop songs I have heard this year. It's how the new Belle and Sebastian single should have sounded. Though there is nothing quite as immediate to follow, what the album lacks in immediate pop thrill, it more than makes up for in great lyrics, subtle melodies and mostly successful arrangements. Criticisms derive from the self-production - it sometimes misses the influence of outside parties (the odd ill-advised sax solo for example, or the vocoder effects on What I Ask) ?? but, on the whole though, it is a confident statement by a songwriter definitely finding his voice and someone whose sophomore full length will undoubtedly be one to watch...

James Hindle
CWAS #8 - Summer 2001