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Various Artists | Little Pieces Of Sky (Satellites And Clouds)
Featuring sixteen tracks by little known or virtually unknown artists, 'Little Pieces Of Sky' is a gathering of demos submitted to one tiny independent UK label. It's not a greatly promising start, I'm sure you'll agree. And truth be told, low expectations are often entirely fulfilled throughout this compilation's lengthy duration. Yet in amongst several largely uninspiring doodles lingering somewhere between post-rock and electronica, there are some sporadic gems left exposed here.
Artists like Transmission Trio and Great Northern Electrics offer pockets of inspiration while better still are Ann Arbor's reconstruction of Morphine alongside Mordant Music's lo-fi morphing of Orbital into Saint Etienne. Extra points also go to the label for their care, and attempts to bring fresh musicians to a wider audience. And with just a tiny bit more vigilance when it comes to screening their mail in future, 'Little Pieces Of Sky 2' might just be one to really shout about.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003