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Various Artists | The 2 Minute Men 2 (Jonson Family)
A second compilation dedicated to "a love of all things SST" from the Jonson Family label, 'The 2 Minute Men 2' features 16 bands who all contribute rapid-fire tunes that last for less than two minutes. Released on two pieces of 7" vinyl that each play at 33rpm, this compilation's charm lies in its eclecticism. Veering randomly between all manner of approaches, 'The 2 Minute Men 2' captures numerous intriguing little alt-rock bands that might otherwise have slipped through the net all too easily.
Often lo-fi, fast and furious, sometimes hi-fi, calm and cautious, it's a real mixed bag of winners and losers. Fortunately, there's far more wheat than chaff here. Particularly wonderful are The Murder Of Rosa Luxembourg's mauling of Captain Beefheart's broken blues, the sassy B-52's gone garage-rock of Twinkle and the wide-eyed post-rock of Cat On Form. Notable nods also go to Charlottefield and Montana Pete. In the vast endless void of various artist compilations, this is one worthy of salvation.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003