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Random Number | Towards The Forlorn Society (Catmobile)
Leeds' electronic exile, Random Number survives the daylight hours as Matt Robson. Following a background emerged in alternative rock, and contributions to various independents under this newer name, the suitably-titled 'Towards The Forlorn Society' is Robson's first full-length gift to the world. And it's one to recall long into the night. Random Number's cause is instrumental bpm's with huge dollops of yearning melancholy, like Autechre rediscovering their gift for mood and melody.
The tunes are intricately layered from tiny grains of blips, complete with rattling percussive loops that expose Robson's history as a drummer. Yet it's the wounded heart at the core of his devices which always shines through ?? even during the thunderous twists of The Instances ?? reaching cutting point on standout I Have A Plan; a disorientating slow-motion glide via chiming synths and faint whispers of a human voice. With Random Number, it's the carefully calculated charms that count.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003