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Major Organ | Major Organ and the Adding Machine (Orange Twin Records)
Engaging, inconsequential psychedelic ramblings from those kooky Elephant 6 folks - here in the form of members of Elf Power, Of Montreal and Neutral Milk Hotel. Ostensibly a concept album about a certain Major Organ, who purportedly resides in a small town outside Denver, Colorado and writes enchanting little ditties about folks like Madam Truffle's adventures in pastrymaking and Francesco the Angel (who releases the poor captive children from their beds), as well as Moonpies and Abe Lincoln¹s mustache and fun activities such as kissing behind the rubbery grinder. It's the usual concoction of frantic organs, mystery things played backwards, fuzztone guitars, trippy harmonies and odd tapeloops you'd expect, slathered loving around some catchy melodies and nutcae lyrics. In short, it's a great soundtrack for those early summer Mad Hatter's tea parties you never gave in college, or for breezing along the highway in your dad's convertible, pretending you don¹t have to go to work on Monday.

LD Beghtol
CWAS #8 - Summer 2001