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Tim Finn | Say It Is So (Periscope / Sonny's Pop Records)
Whilst both Tim and Neil Finn had played together for several years in Split Enz, following their demise it was Neil who went on to achieve the greatest success with his band Crowded House. Tim meanwhile elected to pursue a solo career. Although he has yet to emulate his brother's recent successes, it was actually only during Tim's brief tenure as a member of Crowded House, that they achieved their first commercial breakthrough in the UK, with the release of Woodface, regarded by many as the band's best album. Following a five year hiatus from any recording, following the ALT collaboration with Andy White and Liam O' Maonlai and the Finn project with his brother , Tim Finn is staking his own claim for a share of success with the release of Say It Is So, his fifth solo album and his first for seven years. Following the suggestion of a friend, Finn decided to record in Nashville but, apart from a few very discreet influences, this is not a country album. Employing the services of several respected Nashville musicians alongside several guests such as Ken Coomer (Wilco) on drums and Julie Miller on backing vocals Say It Is So is an unashamed pop record, a genre with which, on an underground level at least, Nashville has recently been associated. The album opens with one of its best tracks, the wonderfully catchy Underwater Mountain which is underscored with an irresistible string arrangement. Good Together has hooks aplenty and is one of those tunes you'll find yourself humming unawares, Currents shimmers and glides effortlessly whilst the should-be hit and ironically entitled Death Of A Popular Song couldn't be further from the truth. Say It Is So marks the return of a long-serving troubadour, a musician unafraid of change.

Geraint Jones
CWAS #6 - Autumn 2000