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The Exit | New Beat (Some Records)
Achieving recognition from acts like Glassjaw and Taking Back Sunday might not be what's necessary to endear you to a band, but in The Exit's case they're worth all the acclaim there is, from any source. The New York trio take the pop sensibilities of The Police and XTC and update them for the nu-emo/indie rock crowd, ultimately sounding like a more mature, less girl-crazy Jimmy Eat World. It's impossible to not picture Sting smiling along to the bass line and guitar tone on Trapped; it could be lifted straight from his own back catalogue. Sam Siegler, of Rival Schools and co-proprietor of Some, claims "The Exit are off the Richter scale... they're not afraid to get their reggae-rock on, a la The Clash." Complements are obviously expected from such parties, but Siegler's are entirely justified; The Exit are a genuinely refreshing gust of fresh air in a stuffy and woefully predictable contemporary rock climate. Perfect summertime listening.

Mike Diver
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003