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Various Artists | Death Before Disco (Princehouse)
This fifteen-track compilation describes itself on its inlay ?? "It's electronic, it's punk... no-wave, death-disco, electro, techno, rock n roll, call it what you will". Um, okay, how about I call 'it' "a collection of tracks that are way too cool for squares like me". At least that's what I'm left to reason, as there's no way I could ever imagine dancing to the likes of Adult (Joy Division played at double speed on a cheap Casio), Kill Me Tomorrow (somewhere between nu-Blur and Roni Size ?? ergh) or I Am Spoonbender (bleep bleep bleep yawn). Still, Gogogo Airheart, The Pattern and The Lovemakers are pretty good, and this would be the ideal record for impressing any Hoxton 'babe' (sort your hair out dear ?? looking like Chris Waddle doesn't impress anyone) you manage to lure back to your poster-strewn bedsit. Actually, how about I call 'it' "a collection of songs that apparently comprise a scene of sorts, but are actually far too disparate to even warrant compiling together"? Yeah, I like that better ?? I'm cool and hip enough to know shit when I hear it, and half of this is exactly that.

Mike Diver
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003