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Zero Zero | AM Gold (Jade Tree)
In the name of public decency I'm thankful I'm no dancer. But what's good for the nation isn't so good for me right now as it would be easier to dance to AM Gold than it is to write about it. Here's what I know. Zero Zero were borne out of Lifetime, defunct punk-popsters, and are now a three piece, centred around the husband and wife partnership of Miss TK and Dave Idea. Together with Ari Katz on vocals and percussion (should that be purr-cussion?) they concoct, with a vast array of keyboards, samplers (check the Hall and Oates snippet) and studio trickery, a spunky brand of punk-funk, part Pizzicato Five, part Euro-cool. It's painfully swank stuff, a hipper name you couldn't drop. But for all that it is, naturally, disposable and devoid of anything to endear it to tea-sipping scholars like you and me. Closer Team Minus Zero, however, does sound a lot like Mysteries of Life remixed by Cornelius. That's all.

Matt Dornan
CWAS #8 - Summer 2001