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Steve Lawrenson | s/t (self-released)
Power-pop afficionados will find much to admire here in Steve Lawrenson's first release, particularly his multi-instrumental skills and layered harmonies. On this six-track introduction Lawrenson has taken the DIY approach as far as it'll go; writing, performing and producing every note. The name-check for Brad Jones among the thank-yous gives an indication of where Lawrenson's at, as does his love of The Beatles, Badfinger, Jeff Lynne etc which comes through loud and clear. Echoes of contemporaries Chris Von Sneidern and Cotton Mather are to be found on Harmonee and Stairway respectively, whilst closer That Way revisits the stripped-down soulful balladry of Big Star's Thirteen. The stand-out, however, is Mind where the tell-tale Rickenbacker pictured on the cover gets a solid workout and the vocal arrangement is spot-on. To hear samples and order go to

Matt Dornan
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003