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Sunny Day Real Estate | How It Feels To Be Something On (Sub Pop)
Notoriously media-shy in the wake of their adored debut Diary (1994); near-legendary after their premature demise (a second album, the patchy self-titled 'pink album' was released posthumously in '95) and subsequent religious conversion of frontman Jeremy Enigk, Sunny Day Real Estate were the unlikeliest of reformations for '98. Yet, despite bassist Nate Mendel's refusal to be enticed away from Foo Fighters the reunion transpired. Fellow Fighter William Goldsmith resumed his role behind the drums, Jeff Palmer (Mommyheads) stepped into Nate's shoes (and has since been replaced by ex-Posies Joe Bass) and the subsequent album has a strongly cohesive singular vision. Enigk's unrivalled voice remains the defining instrument within the band, one that elevates opener Pillars to classic status ?? it's an astonishing introduction. Nothing else here quite manages to scale such dizzy heights, but Roses In Water competes admirably, the acoustic, hypnotic The Prophet, the slow build of Guitar And Video Games and the operatic Days Were Golden containing enough momentous peaks to tingle the stiffest of spines. Enigk's spiritual side is manifested only in his enig(k)matic delivery and God-given talent. Believe.

Matt Dornan
CWAS #4 - Winter 1998/9 - The Lost Issue