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King Creosote | Kenny And Beth's Musakal Boatride (Fence)
Featuring associates Pip Dylan and James Yorkston, '...Musakal Boatride' is the latest output from Fence leader King Creosote (aka the Kenny self-referenced in the album title). And it's a thing of beauty. Like the Art Garfunkel of Fife, King Creosote has a masterful touch with melancholy and lyrical bewilderment, packaged into joyful folk-pop journeys. There's been no finer time to tap into his musings, with this his most fluent, solid ?? and surprisingly ?? most accessible album to date. The sound is neatly-trimmed, the voice pushed clearly out front, and through the doomed tales of Counselling, the gentle sentiments of So Forlorn, and the sense of distance offered via A Friday Night In New York, the emotions are constantly left to tug somewhere near the heart. Now open yours to it.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003