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Electralane | Rock it to the Moon (Let's Rock!)
"I wanna be your dog," someone utters at the end of The Invisible Fog, the opening track on Electralane's debut album (released on their own Let's Rock label) and it's a useful reference point for their energetic instrumental work outs. Building on thick guitar lines and propelled by a punchy, workmanlike rhythm section, with overlaid swathes of farfisa, the songs state their cases early on and then hammer away, diverging and returning with a jam-like sensibility. It's a confident and focused collection which only occasionally resembles an Inspiral Carpets soundcheck. On the sleeve, the group namecheck a list of inspirational women, from Suzi Quatro and Kathleen Hanna to Simone de Beauvoir. I'm not sure where Electralane fit into this righteous list, but Rock it to the Moon makes it worthwhile sticking around to find out.

Martin Williams
CWAS #8 - Summer 2001