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Joeyfat | The House Of The Fat (Unlabel)
Having been together in one form or another for a decade, here at last, is the debut album proper from a band that once fluttered the hearts of several A+R scouts. And in typically bizarre Joeyfat style, this record bears two titles: 'You Can Change People's Lives With Your Mouth' and 'The House Of The Fat'. We'll go with the latter. A 13 track sprawl, it bears an eccentric alt-pop sound that's unlike virtually anything else you could tar with the same brush. There's echoes of The Fall, and particularly Pulp, though that Sheffield act's star-struck glamour is strictly off the agenda.
The star turn is the subtle twists and turns posed by giant band leader, and surreal vocalist, M. Edward Cole. Again Pulp join the dots here, though quite whether Jarvis Cocker has ever spun words this strangely is open to debate. Usually, Cole is left free to flex the band around his every word seemingly at will, although Joeyfat are actually best when they force their front-man into a corner, and submerge him under clattering guitars, as on 'Home Dream'. What it all actually means is questionable; that you should investigate 'The House Of The Fat' further is easier to answer.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003