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Cole Marquis | Treasure Island Serenade (Devil In The Woods/ Amazing Grease)
Treasure Island Serenade might be the first record I personally have heard by Cole Marquis (apparently his real name), but after a bit of research have come to find that he's got a whole catalogue of releases back home in San Francisco. Hurrah! Cole kicked off his musical career in the mid-eighties in the neo psychedelic pop band 28th Day with Barbara Manning & Mike Cloward. He's also been accredited to playing with the likes of Herman Jolly of Sunset Valley and CWAS favourite Richard Buckner. In addition, Marquis put out several of his own recordings on ace indie label Devil In The Woods long before it became cool be a sensitive artist. So why hadn't I heard of him? Well, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. I love this record. Quirky melodies against a moody backdrop, a heartfelt lyric... Treasure Island Serenade is full and rich. Like the Red House Painters, Marquis has a signature vocal and slow building instrumentation that eventually erupts into this intense song inside a sound. Unlike the Red House Painters - Cole is not predictable (Nice working with you Ms Jackson ?? Ed). Basketball 4am and Six Is Better are more akin to Waits than Kozelek. Just as it is instantly pleasurable, this is a record that will grow on/stay with you.

Tracy Lee Jackson
CWAS #8 - Summer 2001