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Oddfellows Casino | Yellow Bellied Wonderland (Pickled Egg)
The obsession of Brighton-based David Bramwell, Oddfellows Casino is also a part-time refuge for contributions by members of Clearlake and 100 Pets amongst others. A craftily-arranged collection of skewed low-key pop songs, 'Yellow Bellied Wonderland' is a tiny, charming discovery. Surrounded by reserved, spacious arrangements provided by keyboards, flutes, clarinets and acoustic guitars, Bramwell's detached sense of remorse and bewilderment is left to roam its own ingenious little path. Largely melancholic with a wry sense of humour and sly observational skills in-tow, this record has an aching disquiet similar to that found on Broadway Project's 'Compassion' LP yet with large slices of a sedated lyrical playfulness thrown in for good measure. Coming over at times like a one-man Beta Band arming the Red House Painters with references to 70's television shows, Lincolnshire rain and "trains to Doncaster", this is a car-boot sale wonderland of shimmering resonance. As the Oddfellows themselves accurately conclude on 'In This House', these are songs that "won't sting but will stay in your head for hours". Precisely.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #11 - Autumn 2002