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Dub Tractor | More Or Less Mono (City Centre Offices)
The alter-ego of long-term leftfield scenester Anders Remmer, Dub Tractor is a wholly engrossing operation in grafting electronics onto acoustics. The Dane's fourth album under this guise, Remmer's skill lies in his deftness of touch, blending deep aching basslines and melancholic guitar loops onto a tiny pulse of a beat. With a strict sense of what constitutes a memorable melody, Dub Tractor weaves warm robo-pop tunes with firm glances towards the underground.
It owes equally as much to the Cocteau Twins as it does to German micro-dub master Pole, as much to New Order as to the intricate trickeries of Arovane. It's an LP that glows under sun-bleached beats, reaching dizzying heights when vocals are delicately thrown into the mix, and particularly on the stunning title-track which is underpinned by the finest bass thunder this side of Peter Hook. Ploughing a distinctive path, Dub Tractor leaves so much else in its wake.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003