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Signalmen | Falsetto Teeth (Parasol)
A quick scan of the reviews that Signalmen's self-titled debut album garnered threw up the name Television on more than one occasion. Whilst I doubt Television ever crafted anything as melodically direct and catchy as Capture The Moon or Hold Me Down it is easy to see why the angular guitar interplay and unconventional structure of much of Signalmen's latest could also inspire comparisons to Verlaine, Lloyd and co. Alternating between the oddball vocal delivery of Steve Burton (somewhere between David Byrne and Mick Jones) and Mike Brosco's more orthodox tones, Falsetto Teeth is never less than riveting. At times reminiscent of The Mother Hips or Citizens' Utilities, two bands who similarly embrace(d) a variety of genres, Signalmen are afraid of neither experimentation or unadulterated, hook-heavy pop. Probably a little too left-field to become stars among the elitist pop community, Falsetto Teeth's intelligent, schizophrenic stylings will find their place in the hearts, minds and alphabetised racks of the enlightened.

Matt Dornan
CWAS #8 - Summer 2001