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Grand Drive | Road Music (Loose/Ryko)
Brothers Danny and Julian Wilson make good their prediction of 'a total classic' with Road Music, essentially a compilation of the three 'limited edition' EPs of last year enhanced with a couple of new tracks. Tell It Like It Is, the lead-off track from their first release, opens proceedings, the first of many anthemic tracks (see also Jukebox, Undone and On A Good Day) balanced by the epic balladry of The Natural and Wrong Notes. Of the new songs Julian's Shadow Of The Man exhibits a hitherto unheard Seventies influence, his delivery part Paul Simon/James Taylor vulnerability, part Van Morrison/Rolling Stones soul, whilst the buzzing acoustic intro of Danny's Far From This Road belies its lovelorn message, a less-inebriated FACES ballad. Having shaken an all-too-obvious Jayhawks influence Grand Drive have found their feet and, with Road Music, (and the promise of a new album before the end of the year), stated a firm claim for the title of Best Band in Britain.

Matt Dornan
CWAS #4 - Winter 1998/9 - The Lost Issue