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The Apes | OddEyeSee (French Kiss)
A rock and roll band lacking a guitarist, The Apes are as infamous for their frankly bewildering live shows as they are for their music. That could be about to change. The much-improved second album from this Washington DC quartet, 'OddEyeSee' is a disorientating sprawl of rattling bass, and organs that are left to roam freely in whatever directions they choose. It's an unholy psyche-rock spell where Sparks-esque comedic futuristic visions are thrown against the damp clang of The Fall's rhythm section, into which frontman Paul Weil wails his malevolent manifestos.
While over fifty-two minutes and fifteen tracks The Apes often lose the plot and quality control frequently goes awol, this is precisely what makes 'OddEyeSee' such a gloriously unhinged trip. Witness the psychedelic gospel of Children Of Brainbow And Brainbow, the sinister synths of Gemini Butterfly or the fucked-up pop of Forest Of Confusion, and before you've even begun to work out what the hell is going on, you'll be suitably engrossed. They're from another planet entirely, yet the evolution of The Apes is gathering increasing sophistication. The time to show allegiance is now.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003