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Caleb Klauder | Sings Out (PadrĂ©)
Sings Out is Portland-based Caleb Klauder's debut solo release and a very promising one it is too. It's always refreshing and relatively rare to have no preconceptions whatsoever about an artist, as is the case for me with Klauder. With influences ranging from Steve Earle to Neil Young and Tom Petty, for the most part Klauder's songs are of a country rock hue, although echoing some of Steve Earle's recent output, you can also find hints of Beatlesque pop, (the sitar on the psych-pop campfire strum Look Into My Eyes a particularly appealing departure). Whilst there's nothing radically alternative or different here, the warm yet powerful voice and the impressive playing are unarguably qualities that hint at an untapped talent, one for those unafraid to indulge in something simply well played, unpretentious and with good songwriting to back it up. (Klauder can also be found playing mandolin and on occasional vocals in the traditional old-time Appalachian country outfit, Pig Iron, whose Fill Me Up album is also well worth seeking out).

Geraint Jones
CWAS #7 - Spring 2001