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Quintron | Are You Ready For An Organ Solo? (Three One G/Rhinestone)
This should be annoying ?? synth-hop coupled with some of the most irritating vocals this side of Joe Pasquale ?? but somehow it just stays on the right side of novelty. So, am I ready for an organ solo? Um, okay, sure, how bad can it be? Well, if it's album opener Place Unknown, and it starts with the lines "Well if the good die young/then I'd rather be bad/like a fat dude in a pair of tight pants/going up to a place unknown", then it's not bad at all. "We just wanna party/dance/party/dance/party until you puke/ and dance until you break the floor" it continues. As a statement of intent for an album, it's pretty much unbeatable. Shame about all the 'raps' from key vocalist Miss Pussycat, who manages to mimic Lil from Rugrats remarkably well, particularly on The Beach ?? "we go down to the beach/we get down in the sand". ARGH! SHUT UP! Still, she finds redemption on the excellently sleazy Cave Formation, and Quintron hits gold on the funk-tastic Underwater Dance Club. Since the entire mission objective of this record is to have us getting down and getting fucked up (their words, not mine), it would be wrong to subject it to too much scrutiny. It's dirty ?? anti-folk goes electro-clash anyone? ?? and it will have you dancing in the aisles, providing said aisles are littered with enough mind-expanding drugs to make 'Trainspotting' look like 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'. Actually, that's pretty fucked up too ?? surely some dogs shit on the pavement and dig up your garden enough to deserve doggy hell? Oh, what do I know, about anything? Like I said ?? this should be annoying, but it's not, somehow. I give up. Just get it and get with it.

Mike Diver
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003