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Gersey | Hope Springs (Trifekta)
A dark, damp, long, lonely road covers the cover of Hope Springs, capturing its entire mood. Some music seems made for a rainy day and Gersey's debut is one such winter beauty. Dramatic melancholy guitar sounds mix with epic, poetic tales of love, loss and loneliness to create ten hypnotic tracks. The opener, Being At Your Station is completely mesmerising. A repetitive electric rhythm gliding over constant, confident percussion almost has you in a trance until a fractured voice appears and wakes you with its woe..."I could've followed you, I should've followed you. But the boy drowned." Peaceful purely instrumental pieces like She Draws Good Pictures astound you with their wordless complexity. Layers of dreamy guitar place Gersey somewhere between Mogwai and Built to Spill only with unembellished, distinctly Australian vocals. Their sea of soundtracky sounds floating gently beneath poignant subject matter is the perfect tonic for rocking you slowly to sleep.

Sarah Corbett
CWAS #7 - Spring 2001