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Reuben's Accomplice | I Blame the Scenery (Better Looking)
The seemingly endless number of quality emo bands around at the moment adds another to their ranks with the indie rock super group that is Reuben's Acomplice. Comprised of members of Jimmy Eat World, Old 97's and (rather tenuously) Giant Sand, Reuben's Acomplice have created arguably the first country emo LP with 'I Blame the Scenery'. Apparently six years in the making, it is a strong collection of melodic indie pop; chimy, chuggy guitars padded out with Calexico-style horns and Arizona tinges. The only moments where they miss the mark somewhat are on the turntable and beats based Borders which is far too clever and ultimately clumsy for its own good, and the odd bit of sub standard lyrics (the opening Happy Mondays especially). Though there is definitely nothing new here it is, on the whole, very pleasant listening.

James Hindle
CWAS #9 - Winter 2002