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Kleenexgirlwonder | After Mathematics (March)
Madison, Wisconsin, home of America's finest news source, The Onion. Clearly there's something in the water up there, judging by this offering from Graham Smith and recorded in that very town. I'm Pregnant scampers in, laden with words that spill out in every direction like marbles, ready to trip the unwary up as they scuttle across the floor. It's a common theme and covers Graham's somewhat limited vocal range, but the words more than make up for the singing. This is demonstrated by Why I Write Such Good Songs with its "no one can sing like me" refrain. It's amazing he can get the words out with his tongue stuck so far in his cheek and maybe that's why No Melody has so few lyrics over its title defying tune. The basis of the album is pop, but the type that's spelt without an 'A' in the middle, it's good bouncy fun of the 'one man's warped mind' crafted variety. There's the pure bubble gum of Amelia and the quirky mellowness of Everything Is Easy, the latter complete with weird-out ending. Just when you think you're getting a handle on a song then Graham will chuck something in to baffle you, be it lyrically with lines like "I can't take recidivism, so hit me with some criticism", or musically, or by the way the album ends. Confused, intrigued? You will be. I'm still working out where the title I Am A Serving Wench At A Themed Restaurant fits in, but don't let that put you off.

Laurence Arnold
CWAS #11 - Autumn 2002