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James Orr Complex | Chori's Bundle (Rock Action)
This is the debut full-length offering from former Eska frontman Chris Mack's new collective, after the superb Figa single a couple of years back and ahead of their support dates with fellow Glaswegians Arab Strap - and it doesn't disappoint. This is quality singer-songwriter material, drawing fairly predictable parallels to the likes of Nick Drake, Will Oldham et al but managing to come across as far more than just a sum of it's component parts on the whole, such is the consistency of the music within. So often, those considered A-listers in this territory are acclaimed regardless of how strong their new material is, purely on the strength of reputation, but in truth this is far superior to much of the 'competition'. Fragile and affecting, the mood remains the same throughout but manages to stay cohesive and engaging, and that alone marks out 'Chori's Bundle' from the crowd - highly recommended.

Andy Slocombe
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003