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FortDax | Folly (Tugboat)
The alias of West Yorkshire's Darren Durham, FortDax has recently performed as support to Tarentel, and most notably Low. 'Folly' is FortDax's long-awaited full debut album ‚?? following a limited vinyl-only mini-release late last year ‚?? and thankfully, it's well worth the wait. Self-described as a neo-electronicist, FortDax emits slow-burning clockwork micro-beats shrouded in an ethereal mist that descends from 4AD's back-catalogue circa the peaks of the Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance. Its music disconnected from the outside world, where ghostly melodies are matched by soaring melancholic synths, wrapping itself around the listener like a warm blanket in winter.
No mere sonic wallpaper however, 'Folly' is elevated by the eerie murmurs of Durham himself plus some distinctive operatics from Acid Mothers Temple's Cotton Casino. Her sweet Japanese poetry contributions to 'Takeda' and particularly 'Sakura' are lovely, only bettered by the sublime skittering emotion of 'Foxglove Into Sparrow-Grass' and the stuttering sci-fi-pop projected across 'Oxenfolly'. Spinning the one man locked to a computer cliché on its head, FortDax's soul beats all over these tracks not unlike that of Lali Puna or Mum. He's firmly out there, hovering in his own delightful hiding place, just waiting for you to discover him. Start searching now.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003