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Lungfish | Love Is Love (Dischord)
One of a tiny number of non-Washington DC acts on Dischord, 'Love Is Love' is the 10th LP released on the label by Baltimore's Lungfish. An underground act for over 15 years, Lungfish are a quartet who unfortunately remain off the musical map for most. This record is unlikely to change that fact, but it is a splendid listen no matter. As its title suggests, 'Love Is Love' is full of affection and positivity, but its imagery is also typically murky, and delightfully difficult to fully decipher. The tunes are nagging, incessant, and mainly mid-paced ?? far divorced from much of the Dischord roster ?? while Daniel Higgs' characteristic bellow of a voice hangs over the music, directing its path around his curious thoughts and feelings. And right through the title-track, through Fearfully And Wonderfully, Nation Saving Song, Peace Mountains Of Peace, and then back around again, the message appears to be one of onwards and upwards.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003