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Kate Walsh | Clocktower Park (Kitchenware)
Raised in Essex but now based in the North-East of England, Kate Walsh is a young singer-songwriter of note. On debut album 'Clocktower Park', Walsh's loving caress of a voice is set against a clutter-free backdrop which ?? while over-polished and lacking true self-identity ?? often tenderly touches in many of the right places. More Tori Amos than PJ Harvey, Walsh has maturity far beyond her twenty years, basking in the delicate intimacy created by producer and co-writer Lee Russell. It entices the most when based firmly in the key of melancholy, such as on the hushed heartbreak of Impressionable and the swollen string-soaked sadness of Sullen. Fire under: hardly revolutionary, highly tempting.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003