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Tiltmaster | Swan Girth (Blue Sanct)
The opening cut of Swan Girth, a quirky number by the name of Airship, proffers an interesting chronological displacement trip whereby the David Bowie of Man Who Sold The World is given the role of a year 2000 indie rocker dabbling with home studio technology. Airship, probably my most listened to song of the month, maintains the structural oddness and the unique melodic shifts found on numerous Bowie cuts from the early days, and manages to evoke some of the alien stridency of Bowie's sound a bit in the bargain. Whereas the rest of the album spirals through vastly different territory, the album's opening hook - that is, the entirety of Airship - is enough to get me through the two more rudimentary songs that follow, and into the dark heart of this surprisingly emotive and lushly decorous collection of break-up songs. A penchant towards Goo-era Sonic Youth notwithstanding, Titly (D. Leigh Blood) sounds his best when brooding over a backdrop of chamber strings or carefully arranged instruments. Acoustic guitar in hand, this young man is unquestionably poised to be a force to reckon with. If Blood can focus his songwriting talents over the next few records, we will all be in for an adventurous treat, whether reminiscent of Bowie or not.

G.C. Weeks
CWAS #7 - Spring 2001