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CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003
The Afternoons | My Lost City (Dockrad)
Alamo Race Track | Birds At Home (Excelsior)
Alias | Muted (Anticon)
Terry Allen | Amerasia (Sugar Hill)
Jon Auer/Ken Stringfellow | Private Sides (Arena Rock/Ryko)
Kevin Ayers | Joy of a Toy/Shooting at the Moon/Whatevershebringswesing/Bananamour (EMI)
Marc Bacino | The Million Dollar Handshake (Parasol)
The Band of Blacky Ranchette | Still Looking Good To Me (Thrill Jockey)
Tywanna Jo Baskette | Fancy Blue (Sweet Tea/Terminus)
Bear Vs Shark | Right now, you're in the best of hands. And if something isn't quite right, your doctor will know in a hurry (Equal Vision)
Belle & Sebastian | Dear Catastrophe Waitress (Rough Trade)
Big Star / Rock City | The Big Star Story / s/t (Ryko / Lucky Seven)
Bitmap | Alpha Beta Gamma (Gentle Electric)
Black Lipstick | Converted Thieves (Peekaboo)
Bluebottle Kiss | Revenge Is Slow (Laughing Outlaw)
BMX Bandits | Down At The Hop (Shoeshine)
Boy Robot | Hamorizing Corporate Lifestyle (City Centre Offices)
Billy Bragg | Must I Paint You A Picture? (The Essential Billy Bragg) (Cooking Vinyl)
Cory Branan | The Hell You Say (Madjack)
Broken Social Scene | You Forgot it in People (Arts & Crafts)
Camera Obscura | Underachievers Please Try Harder (Elefant)
The Cash Brothers | A Brand New Light (Zoe)
Cerberus Shoal | Chaiming The Cobblestone (North East Indie)
Club 8 | Spring Came, Rain Fell (STK)
Constantines | Shine A Light (Three Gut)
Dance Disaster Movement | We Are From Nowhere (Dim Mak)
Death Cab for Cutie | Transatlanticism (Barsuk/Fierce Panda)
Cara Dillon | Sweet Liberty (Rough Trade)
Do Make Say Think | Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn (Constellation)
David Dondero | The Transient (Future Farmer)
Donna Regina | Late (Karaoke Kalk)
Pip Dylan | Of All The Things I Can Eat (Fence)
Eleventh Dream Day | Prairie School Freakout (enhanced reissue) (Thrill Jockey)
Enon | Hocus Pocus (Touch and Go)
The Fiery Furnaces | Gallowsbird's Bark (Rough Trade)
Finishing School | Destination Girl (Track and Field)
The Forresters | Skindeep (Tom Thumb)
Paula Frazer | A Place Where I Know (Fargo)
The Fucking Champs | Greatest Fucking Hits (Matador)
Giardini di Mirò | Punk...not Diet! (Homesleep)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci | Sleep/Holiday (Sanctuary)
Guessmen | Animals In Suits (Guessmen)
Hamell On Trial | Tough Love (Righteous Babe)
Hang On The Box | For Every Punk Bitch & Arsehole (Arrivederci Baby!)
Brady Harris | Lone Star (Lampshade)
The HaveNots | Bad Pennies (Circus 65)
The High Strung | These Are Good Times (Tee Pee)
HiM | Many in High Places Are Not Well (Bubblecore/Fat Cat)
Doug Hoekstra | Waiting (Paste)
Peggy Honeywell | Honey For Dinner (Agenda Music)
Hrududu Factory | Songs from the Burrow (Shmat)
I Am Robot And Proud | Grace Days (Catmobile)
Immense | Hidden Between Sleeves (Fierce Panda)
The Innocence Mission | Befriended (Badman)
Joeyfat | The House Of The Fat (Unlabel)
Jet Johnson | Micropolitan (Seriously Groovy)
Julie's Haircut | Adult Situations (Homesleep)
King Creosote | Kenny And Beth's Musakal Boatride (Fence)
Kitchens & Bathrooms | Vehicles Beyond (Sonic Unyon)
Klangstorm | The Last Resort (AtAnyTime)
Knotworking | The Garden Below (One Mad Son)
The Ladybug Transistor | s/t (Merge/Track and Field)
Gerard Langley | LIT (Europa/Art Star)
Steve Lawrenson | s/t (self-released)
The Life And Times | The Flat End of the Earth (54º40' or Fight!)
The Long Weekend | Feel The Way (Laughing Outlaw)
The Long Winters | When I Pretend To Fall (Barsuk/Munich)
Lower Forty-Eight | Skin Failure (Monotreme)
Lungfish | Love Is Love (Dischord)
Justin Lute | Adventures Of Lori Lou (Self-Released / Miles Of Music)
M83 | Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (Goom/Labels)
Marshmallow | s/t (Lo-Max)
The Mass | City Of Dis (Monotreme)
Dan Matz | Carry Me Over (Amish)
Scott Miller and the Commonwealth | Upside Downside (Sugar Hill)
The Minders | The Future's Always Perfect (Future Farmer)
Minotaur Shock | Rinse (Melodic)
The Myrtles | Nowhere To Be Found (C Student)
The National | Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers (Talitres)
Need New Body | UFO (Pickled Egg)
Northern Alliance | Hope In Little Things (45B)
Heather Nova | Storm (Pinnacle)
Oceansize | Effloresce (Beggars Banquet)
Okkervil River | Down The River Of Golden Dreams (Jagjaguar)
James Orr Complex | Chori's Bundle (Rock Action)
Patrick Park | Loneliness Knows My Name (Hollywood)
Charlie Parr | Criminals & Sinners (Misplaced Music)
The Planet The | Physical Angel (54°40' or Fight!)
The Post | Hasten The Homecoming (Jalisco)
Pretty Girls Make Graves | The New Romance (Matador)
Pseudosix | Days of Delay (54º40' or Fight!)
Quintron | Are You Ready For An Organ Solo? (Three One G/Rhinestone)
Rachel's | Systems/Layers (Quarterstick)
Random Number | Towards The Forlorn Society (Catmobile)
Relaxed Muscle | A Heavy Night With... (Rough Trade)
Riddle of Steel | Python (Ascetic)
Amy Rigby | Til the Wheels Fall Off (Spit & Polish)
Rollerball | Real Hair (Silber)
Josh Rouse | 1972 (Ryko)
Sciflyer | Fair Weather Karma (Claire)
Sigmatropic | Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories (Tongue Master)
Skeleton Key |  (Ipecac)
Sloan | Action Pact (Vik Recordings/BMG)
Sodastream | A Minor Revival (Lo-Max)
Spokane | Measurement (Jagjaguwar)
Stafrann Hakon | Skvettir Edik A Ref (Resonant)
Starlight Mints | Built On Squares (PIAS America)
Stereolab | Instant O In The Universe (Duophonic/Elektra)
Subset | Duelling Devotions (Tight Spot)
Summer Hymns | Clemency (Misra)
Swell | Whenever You're Ready (Beggars Banquet)
31Knots | It Was High Time To Escape (54º40' or Fight!)
Rosie Thomas | Only With Laughter Can You Win (Sub Pop)
310 | Recessional (Leaf)
Various Artists | Death Before Disco (Princehouse)
Various Artists | Pow! to the People (Track and Field)
Various Artists | Public Service Broadcast #1 (Smalltown America)
Various Artists | Rough Trade Shops: Country (Mute)
Various Artists | Sunset:False (Slow Noir)
Various Artists | Tales From The Australian Underground: Singles 1976-1989 (Feel Presents)
Laura Veirs | Troubled By The Fire (Bella Union)
Jason Walker and The Last Drinks | Ashes & Wine (Laughing Outlaw)
Kate Walsh | Clocktower Park (Kitchenware)
The Wannadies | Before & After (Cooking Vinyl)
Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips | L'Avventura (Jetset)
Weed Patch | Maybe the Brakes Will Fail (Ohgrowupalready)
Michael Weston King | A Decent Man (Evangeline)
William Elliott Whitmore | Hymns For The Hopeless (Southern)
The Wisdom of Harry | Torch Division (Matador/Faux-Lux)
Yo La Tengo | Today Is The Day (Matador)
Susumu Yokota | Laputa (Skintone)
You Am I | The Cream & The Crock (BMG Australia)
The Zombies | New World (Big Beat)