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The Trouble with Sweeney | I Know You Destroy (Burnt Toast Vinyl)
Always good to see the credit 'produced by Brian McTear' on a record and this intelligent indie-rock set is another fine addition to the Mazarin and Matt Pond PA man's CV. The Philadelphia quartet bounce around the padded parameters of all things pop and rock and craft memorable, melodic gems and driving rockers with equal aplomb. What sets TTWS apart is Joey Sweeney's Conor Oberst/Jeff Tweedy voice, the tales he tells of strangled identical twins, graveyard Goths and failed burglaries, and the spot-on arrangements. Be it the confessional piano ballad, Why Can't Anything Be Easy, Baby? the June & The Exit Wounds summery climes of At Noon, or the rootsy Stones-referencing jaunt of High Tide and Green Grass, you're never too far from a three minute friend here.

Matt Dornan
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003