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Frisbie | The Subversive Sounds Of Love (Hear Diagonally Records)
Released in the U.S. late last summer and deservedly picking up great praise, Frisbie's debut is so impressive that I feel as many people as possible should be made aware of its existence. The band are actually named after Steve Frisbie, one the band's three singer songwriters, as opposed to the aerodynamic toy of the similar sounding name although they soar no less impressively. The album is written, arranged and performed to a consistently high standard, drawing on a range of classic pop influences from Badfinger and The Raspberries to more contemporary figures like Eric Matthews and The Posies and is without doubt one the most impressive debuts I've heard for some time. Featuring three excellent vocalists who provide equally delightful harmonies throughout, the five-piece Frisbie have the added bonus of their confident and deft musical abilities. Opening with the exuberant, albeit unambiguous Let's Get Started, the album continues apace with the time-honoured pop structures of Pollyanna and Shine via the strident rock of Vertigogo before closing with the quirky pomp of The Shuffle. With The Subversive Sounds Of Love, a very impressive debut, Frisbie should vault to the higher echelons of the pop league very soon.

Geraint Jones
CWAS #7 - Spring 2001