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The Orgone Box | The Orgone Box (Minus Zero)
Essentially the work of Rick Corcoran, formerly of legendary UK combo Orange, The Orgone Box is (as it's original title Confectionery suggests) one full of pop delicacies, candy for the ears and mind of the more discerning listener. And not a single-layered budget box either, but a collection of surprising depth given its roots in the sugary world of The Beatles' more psychedelic outings. Corcoran's Lennon-esque vocals at least boast geographical authenticity (unlike the scouse stylings of, say, Texas' Cotton Mather), and the strength of his songwriting soon overshadows any lazy accusations of plagiarism. Lyrically he's clearly of English descent and occasionally descends into 'laddish' nonsense (There'll Always Be Attitudes is no advertisment for the Isles, and Disposable requires a swirling chorus to lift itself) but elsewhere the sheer exuberance of World Revolves, Noddyland and Judy Over The Rainbow (yes, a reworking of the Orange classic) and the affecting Bubble show Corcoran to be a master of the genre. As would benefit most pop offerings, The Orgone Box might have been a stronger set if the likes of 'Attitudes' and the meandering Song Formerly Known As Mirrorball had been relegated to b-side status but, if for the closing classic Ticket With No Return alone, this is an album destined to become legendary among the ever-burgeoning legions of power-pop afficionados.

Matt Dornan
CWAS #7 - Spring 2001