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Rock Out | Sound Check (Ideal)
Whatever dangerous substances they've been slipping into the water systems around Gothenburg, it seems to have driven some people way over the edge. Using just a set of drums, a single turntable and a sprawl of rotten vinyl, Rock Out's Niklas Korsell and Henry Selder vomit a mental-asylum of rabid, fucked-up beats and surreal samples, astoundingly chaotic stick thrashing and thrown-against-the-wall improvisation. It's just a short, potted scooter ride away from a fatally zapped-out Boredoms, Jon Spencer pissing all over his blues explosion from a great height in high winds or Soulwax's Too Many DJ's attacking first their records and then themselves with hammers and tongs. It's eleven, erm, 'songs' slammed into twenty-one minutes while the drummer suffers from extreme bouts of tourettes syndrome of the cymbal and the needle attempts to fatally overdose the vinyl one last time. "Freeform jazz punk" they say, "no long intros, no boring rubbish" they promise, a riot of madness and diseased art-punk gone AWOL and never due to return is what they deliver.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #11 - Autumn 2002