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Augie March | Sunset Studies (BMG Aus)
Following the increasingly popular trend of emotive rock come Augie March. A guitar based group of intelligent melody makers in touch with their sensitive sides. Glenn Richards (vocalist) even conveniently possesses that graceful Thom Yorke/Jeff Buckley-esque gift of the singing gab. Although they lie on a bed of rather charming, rhythmic melodies it's the words that stand out on this album & give 'Sunset Studies' its old fashioned, romantic, almost historic feel. Each track is like a profound piece of A-grade creative writing, perhaps running the risk of labelling Augie March 'pretentious'. Pretentious or just plain smart, their charisma is tempting. Asleep in Perfection is the album's catchiest track. A laid-back lilting lullaby dusted with delicate vocals, waltzing guitar and twinkling piano. A continual conflict of contrasting sounds could class this album something like contemporary meets classical halfway between country near folk. It's these clashes that put the colour in Sunset Studies.

Sarah Corbett
CWAS #7 - Spring 2001