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Kyle Fischer | Open Ground (Polyvinyl)
Rainer Maria, superbly named after the inspirational German poet Rainer Maria Rilke (required reading), is Kyle's main band. This project was recorded in breaks from touring over a period of six months, and is a much more subdued affair than one might imagine. Band-mate Caithlin De Marrais lends a welcome helping hand, playing piano, bass and guitar on a few tracks; she also pens the pensive 'Too Soon To Know' and supplies her wonderfully distinctive vocals, which denote tremendous strength and vulnerability in equal parts, complete with familiar inflections. All acoustic, 'Open Ground' reveals Fischer's more contemplative side; some tracks may even be described as serene, sound-wise if not in subject matter. The lyrics, introspective and intelligent, never come close to approaching the self-pity or self-indulgence common to many records of this type. 'Open Ground' offers further evidence of Fisher's (and De Marrais's) talent, as catalogued on their band's three fantastic albums.

Allie Roxburgh
CWAS #11 - Autumn 2002