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Various Artists | Songs For The Blue Times (A Suicidal Pop Collection / Autoreverse)
The title would suggest something sombre and sullen, but the parts of the whole are actually quite uplifting as each track sets the stage for the next. It's true that there is some sadness contained within, but it's a beautiful sadness. Your eyes will gently close and your mind fill with wishes... Including songs from the wonderful Broken Dog, The Bitter Springs, The Montgolfier Brothers, and Piano Magic, you'll think you know what it's all about and be glad you've got it. But the ones that you won't count on are The Masters Of The Universe poptastic Summertime or Marine Research's way cool You And A Girl. The whole thing is like a mix- tape put together by someone you just met - but totally clicked with -and is destined to end up in your life forever.

Tracy Lee Jackson
CWAS #6 - Autumn 2000