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Re: | mnant (Constellation)
Disarmingly stark and subtle, the collaboration between Aden Evens of Montreal and Ian Ilavsky of Boston under the Re: banner is an extended uncoiling of synthesized drones, tones and beats. It's a vapourous construction that unfolds along a linear and insular path. A squelching pulse mutates into a long-held mid range tone that is superceded by an artificial violin buzz, dying away before a pulsating bass evokes a meditative inhalation-exhalation and the track fades shyly to a close. Rhythm and dissonance come in glimpses amid the tidal lull of the record, along with hypnotic guitar figures, of which, the one acoustic instrumental seems anomalous. Still and nuanced, it's a lily that doesn't need gilding.

Martin Williams
CWAS #8 - Summer 2001