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Santa Sprees | Keep Still (Dreamy)
It's a mystery from where the Santa Sprees have sprung. Based on the two songs included on Dreamy Records' Head in the Clouds compilation and, now this, their fabulous debut album, this Tokyo-based pair of Brits have spun straight out of an ultra lo-fi dream of surreal instrumentation and distortion. With synthesized beauty, the Sprees' Anthony Dolphin pelts us with his sputtery, sparkling vocals, overlapping and twisting his voice around the sounds of sleigh-bells, diamonica, melodion, and 5-string guitar, among others. Not many artists could create such a delicate balance between these disparate elements, but there lies the mystery of the Santa Sprees... they are both endearing and silly, enchanting and refreshing.

Louise Zervas
CWAS #7 - Spring 2001