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Bear Vs Shark | Right now, you're in the best of hands. And if something isn't quite right, your doctor will know in a hurry (Equal Vision)
There's something instantaneously special about some records that has you praying that they're going to be great. Take Michigan's Bear Vs Shark. In my opinion, that's a great name, and upon opening the case you're met by a smell that I automatically associate with Small Brown Bike's 'Our Own Wars' and Poison The Well's 'Tear From The Red' ?? kind of a musty, old book smell that's totally out of place on a CD booklet, but positively reeks of quality nonetheless. So, here's me, kneeling before my CD player, with my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed so that I might not be disappointed. And the verdict? Fucking ace. Imagine something pitched perfectly between the gruff punk of Hot Water Music and the superlative indie of Jets To Brazil at their peak, with a little hint of UK legends Spy Versus Spy for good measure. Sounds good, non? Well, that's exactly what this sounds like. Ma Jolie and The Employee Is Not Afraid suffer only through making you yearn for Little Lights a little too much. That aside, the euphoric "whoo-hoo!" of We Were Sad But Now We're Rebuilding, and the pure joy that the band exude throughout these twelve songs is going to keep you toe-tapping with childish excitement for some time to come. Brilliant then, dumb title aside.

Mike Diver
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003