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Her Space Holiday | Manic Expressive (Wichita)
So, is this the future of music? Despite the fact that I tend to favour 'real' instruments, this has turned out to be one of my most played records. 'Manic Expressive' has exceeded all my expectations. The grand opening instrumental is the kind of beautiful that puts tingles down your spine and fills your mind with sunspots ­ all floaty and dreamlike, it takes you to another place. The male/ female vocal in tandem on Polar Opposite is tremendous. The impact lies in the lyrics: "I wanna give up now / I've already seen how / the future's gonna be." But don't give up HSH ­ you are paving the way for something I never thought I'd understand. Often listening to electronic music I get a bit lost in the otherworldlyness of it. I feel comforted by guitars and folk style singers. I am stubborn, I like songs. I guess I¹d never found the song part in much of the future music I have heard. Until now. For example: Perfect On Paper is a song. I just hope that the opening lyric "there's so many reasons why I should say I'm sorry / should I start with the cheating and end with the lying" doesn¹t indicate a rocky relationship between HSH¹s Marc Bianchi & Keely Chanteloup. The last thing you want to find out when you think you've found the future is that there isn't one.

Tracy Lee Jackson
CWAS #9 - Winter 2002