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Air Formation | Ends In Light (Drive-In)
Of all the strange things to happen recently, the resurrection of shoegazing must surely rank amongst the strangest. A uniquely British guitar scene in the early '90s, shoegazing has clearly not just influenced the current surge of German electro-pop, its roots have also embedded themselves deep into the US underground rock scene. Air Formation are merely its latest exponents. Their second album, 'Ends In Light', has all the trademark characteristics of that sound ‚?? the unintelligible words and those waves of layered guitars buried amidst the blur of it all ‚?? but that's where the clich√©s end. And the lovely melodies begin.
Though they showcase nothing amazingly new, Air Formation use the weapons they possess to good affect. In the main, their armoury consists of smart, subversive pop attacks that rarely fail to both engage the heart, and recall memorable times that have long gone. Their lightness of touch also impresses, particularly on the yearning emotion of Still, the one moment when the tense rhythm-section disengages. So while Air Formation aren't truly remarkable on their own terms, the feelings they revitalize are. Infatuation rarely has a positive conclusion. This one of those scarce occasions that goes against the rule.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003