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Denvar | Denvar (MGM)
Whether or not they're paying a mis-spelt homage to the person or the place, indie pop/rock quartet Denvar have ensured Rocky Mountains won't be the only thing that come to mind when Denvar is mentioned. A youthful, energetic fusion of intense Sonic Youth style guitar rock and good ol' fashioned Go-Betweens type melodic pop make this an inviting debut wise beyond its years. She's All I Had introduces the self titled album, instantly highlighting Denvar's good points.... hallucinating guitar riffs, colourful percussion, warm harmony sprinkled vocals and quirky keyboard action, but as they climb to their atmospheric peak in the smoke swirling August Ending their appeal becomes more obvious. Anyone would think this band have been making records for years, you see... it's hard to believe they could be this good on their first time.

Sarah Corbett
CWAS #7 - Spring 2001