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Skeleton Key |  (Ipecac)
Slotting in perfectly with the usual eclecticism of Mike Patton's Ipecac label, '' is the delayed second album by Skeleton Key. A band who have served stage time alongside the likes of The Jesus Lizard, Morphine and They Might Be Giants, Skeleton Key come on like a schizophrenic amalgamation of the three, combining a rugged exterior with a grinding pop engine. At times, it's vaguely jaunty, at all others, splendidly dark and brooding, like a greasily abstract Girls vs. Boys.
Suitably eerie and enthralling are the murky urges of Candy, bettered only by the rousing foot-to-the-floor romp of Panic Bullets and the plain creepy closer Say Goodnight, all smothered beneath Erik Sanko's gasping, writhing vocals. His way with words intrigues throughout, suggesting a great deal, yet speaking little that makes any real sense. The over-riding message however is clear: Skeleton Key here unlock a world of gripping mystery and magic. Don't refuse their blunt invite.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003